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Business Life has been developed and delivered in association with professional institutes, leading employers from industry and the public sector

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Running alongside our student's academic degree courses the Business Life programme offers a range of courses, workshops and events to professionally develop Brunel Business School students through a journey of phases.

Essential skills students need to self-manage learning, determine a career path and operate in today’s workplace.

Dedicated to helping students explore different career options, decide where interests lie and formulate a plan for achieving goals.

Providing events and opportunities for students to apply the skills they have learnt along their journey and build up a professional network of contacts.

As students progress through the programme journey they begin to build up a portfolio of extra-curricular activities and professional skills that are recorded on a transcript each academic year for students to use as a starting block to build their portfolio and update their CV.

Ongoing Development   
Lifelong development providing you with continuous career support and development as a Brunel Business School Alumni.

Business Life Student Ambassadors Scheme   
A voluntary role, students can apply to join the Business Life team and gain work experience by taking and an active role in in the strategic marketing, product development and live event management with the opportunity of a personal reference for successful candidates.




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