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BCAST (Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology) is a dynamic Specialist Research Institute that focuses on research in the solidification field. Established in 2002 by Professor Z Fan, the centre has steadily grown over the years to become one of the largest and most successful in the world.

Current projects cover a wide selection of topics that range from intensive shearing to direct chill (DC) casting to recycling to Molecular Dynamic Simulations of interfacial monolayers. In particular BCAST strives to realise a sustainable metals market and provide industries with environmentally friendly metal processing solutions.

BCAST has recently invested £2 million on laboratories and equipment to insure the availability of the latest state-of-the art facilities for its researchers. The centre's goal is to continue to be at the forefront of the scientific breakthroughs in this important field and you are invited to be part of the journey.

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Page last updated: Friday 12 June 2015