Brunel Automotive Hub

Brunel University London has a strong focus on engineering and solutions based projects. We offer access to facilities and equipment at an appropriate scale for applied, industry-led research, bridging the gap between the lab and the marketplace to accelerate manufacturing implementation. This includes casting of light metals, prototype development and engine testing facilities.

Next Generation Transport

With world-class facilities and exceptional engineering capability, Brunel Automotive delivers outstanding research through collaborative partnerships. Our industry-focused expertise is supporting the future development of new transport technologies, helping address the challenges of producing cleaner, more efficient vehicles and fuels along with integrated intelligent transport systems, in order to position the UK as a world leader in this field. 

Specialists in heavy duty vehicle engineering

Our state-of-the-art test and simulation facilities include a unique heavy duty single cylinder diesel engine already equipped with advanced dual fuel injection and variable valve train capabilities.

Specialists in motorsport

Brunel is the only UK University with academic-led research in low carbon motorsport and on-campus built e-racing vehicles which serve as mobile ‘research platforms’. Our focus is on design, testing and integration of innovative technologies in new vehicle concepts. Brunel’s electric racing programme is underpinned by bespoke data and telemetry systems that feed large datasets from the test and race track into the development of in-house design, performance simulation and modelling tools.

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Advanced Powertrain and Fuels

Brunel University London has a track record of collaborative international industry partnerships and leading engine combustion research expertise. We offer world class facilities including 12 engine test beds, state of the art single cylinder research engines and comprehensive optical equipment, as well as emission analysers. Over the past 15 years we have conducted pioneering research on the fundamentals and development of advanced internal combustion engines and their fuels, covering both experimental and modelling studies. We are also a core member of the European Union’s Network of Excellence in Combustion Engines.

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