2iDesigns Ltd

2iDesigns is involved in innovation and technology consultancy and production. Services range from initial feasibility to sourcing manufacturing facilities in Europe and the Far East. The main focus is on medical devices and healthcare products, R&D, innovation and new product development.


Advasol Management Ltd

Advasol Management Limited are proud to be the suppliers of premium products and advanced solutions for the public and private sectors.

Founded in 2003, to provide solutions for ever increasing problems of accumulating waste and diverting them from landfill and incineration. A dynamic and fully flexible company who are expanding horizons to serve hospitals, food and beverage plants, schools, retail and commercial property.

ASM are committed to providing customers with value-added products and service solutions through innovation and introduction of new technologies. Dedicated to providing customers with the highest-quality, most highly effective products, systems and services.

Core business is divided into four main sectors, Environment, Healthcare Safety, Hygiene and Technology.

  • Environment:
    • advaCOMPOSTER, innovative food waste composting solutions help to divert waste from landfill.
    • Maintenance and service of advaCOMPOSTER.
    • Recycling solutions
  • Healthcare Safety:
    • sharps safety products
    • clinical waste bins
  • Hygiene
    • Supply cleaning products, total spa bath cleaning products and touch-less hand hygiene solutions.
    • Hospital grade disinfectants
    • Personal Hygiene - Valaderm, cosmetics based exclusively on urea
  • Technology
    • Innovative heated meal trolleys and bone conduction hearing aids intended for health care industry
    • body fat monitoring system

ByteSize Consulting Limited

ByteSize Consulting Ltd has proved its excellence in computer network installation, support & IT consulting services to small and medium sized businesses since 1998

Our wealth of experience allows us to provide you with complete breakdown support and maintenance services geared specifically to the SME sector, easily tailored to your needs for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT team. In addition to the above, we also offer IT management services such as:

  • IT Project Management
  • IT side of Office Relocations
  • Representing our clients in meetings as their IT team
  • Liaising with our client's admin/management and helping them to make sound IT decisions

We have a dedicated Software Development team with a host of experience in Systems Analysis & Design, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software Development, Web Development, Data Entry and other Financial & MIS systems.

ByteSize also has a hardware division committed to developing highly reliable custom specified business workstations and servers using only the best components. This allows us to provide you with unparalleled turn-around times on system delivery & on-site/off-site repair. We can also recommend and supply all kinds of computer equipment, our clients benefit from considerable cost savings on all hardware purchased through us due to our relationships with reputable distributors.

Our many and diverse clients have come to rely on us. They appreciate our personal service, quick response times and we have become an IT department that they not only need but thought they couldn't afford.

With all of our combined services, we are confident that we can handle "everything IT" that your business requires.

Talk to us now, we'll take care of you.



Information, advice and training to teachers, technical and local authority officers in science up to A-level and design technology.


Crestlink Ltd

Engineering Services

Provides services and expertise to minimise risk and streamline the supply chain to close the gap between overseas suppliers and domestic manufacturers.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1845 269514
Fax: +44 (0) 1895 590088

Creative Chemistry

Contract research and development in chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Telephone: +44 (0)1895 263511

Crown Bio Technology Ltd

Crown Bio provides a series of portable diagnostic tools for the rapid screening of toxic materials in soil, water and food, as well as reliable and confidential advice and services for cases of industrial contamination.


Energen Limited

Provides consultancy services to medium and large sized companies. The scope of Energen's work includes the production of energy management reports, the purchasing of electricity and gas and undertaking energy surveys and energy audits.


Hypha Discovery Ltd

Hypha Discovery Ltd is a drug discovery company, using fermentation technology to discover novel biologically useful compounds from basidiomycete fungi (mushrooms).

In addition to advancing new discoveries that effectively human tumour cells, bacteria (including MRSA) and fungi, Hypha also collaborates with other pharmaceutical companies to find bio-active molecules for potential use in other diseases.

Hypha also offers contract services related to small molecule research, eg purification and identification as well as biological testing against tumour cell lines, bacteria and fungi.


iXscient Ltd

iXscient is a research provision and management services company with experience in planning, writing, winning and project managing major international research and development projects as well as conducting research in the fields of medical devices, micronanotechnology and computing, telecoms, optics and electronics. In addition the team are experienced in organizing and executing commercial R&D strategies. iXscient is committed to bringing to R&D highly professional expertise coupled with a deep technical knowledge and a rich experience of technology exploitation.


Precious Cells International

Precious cells is the first family stem cell bank in the world which offers collection,processing and long term storage of stem cells.

Telephone: +44 (0) 845 475 5221
Fax: +44 (0) 872 1150761

Shift Soil Remediations

Shift soil specialises in delivering effective technologies for cleaning up contaminated soil.  They harness a proven soil process tool with advanced chemical and biological remediation technology, to reliaby treat and neutralise the contamination itself, without destroying the usability of the soil.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1895 272223

Sirax Limited

Research using the Internet.

V7 Technology Ltd

V7 develop, sell, and maintain software for digital dictation applications for both enterprises and smaller organisations.  Software for smartphones is marketed under the 'Yodal' brand name.


Zyomax Limited

Design and Manufacture of processing machinery for processing of light alloys such as magnesium and aluminium to improve the quality and production rate of components for industrial automobile and aerospace applications.


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