The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance was created in autumn 2006. The polycentric emphases in the new research environment rest on a distinctive transdisciplinary vision which fuses artistic performance, theatre and live art with new media technologies and creative software writing/engineering.

The Centre for Contemporary Music Practice (CCMP) presents seminars and events related to contemporary musical practice and thought. The Centre is based at Brunel University, which has a rare concentration of contemporary music specialists on its academic staff. While many of the Centre’s activities focus on the work of its members, its seminars also provide opportunities to encounter the work of eminent composers, performers and thinkers from the UK and around the world.

Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing: English at Brunel has one of the strongest research profiles in the United Kingdom in the field of contemporary writing. The BCCW facilitates, promotes and disseminates cutting-edge creative, critical and socially-engaged work within English Studies and affiliated fields. Reflecting the changes that are taking place in the way that Arts and Humanities research is conducted and funded, BCCW research projects and events are designed to produce published outcomes and to maximize both their socio-cultural and academic impact. Research in the BCCW is organized around five key areas of contemporary writing: Creative writing and practice-based research; Contemporary prose; Poetry and poetics; Popular genres and fictions; Postcolonial literatures and theory.

Cosmetic vision pushes boundaries of art

Cosmetic vision pushes boundaries of art

Professor of Performance Art, Stelios Arcadiou, is known to push the boundaries of art, science and engineering through his works. Known as Stelarc, the Australian artist is behind the critically-acclaimed Articulated Head (2010) and Ear on Arm (2006). Each project fused body and mind to machine, whether virtually, physically or experientially. The Articulated Head is an industrial robot arm with an LCD screen at the end displaying a 3D head.... read more

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