EnterText 6.2

Volume 6 number 2 Winter 2006-2007

War and Society

Edited by Martin H. Folly

Date added Title Type File size
25 May 2012 Introduction 21.9 KB
25 May 2012 Abstracts 27.5 KB
25 May 2012 Carol Vernallis: Militarism, Misanthropy and the Body Politic: Independence Day and 381.5 KB
25 May 2012 Casey Clabough: "Which Ones are the Enemy?" The Military Writings of George Garrett 99.5 KB
25 May 2012 Daniel Keyes: The Big Lebowski: The First Gulf War and Masculinity 173.4 KB
25 May 2012 Frank D. Casale: W. D. Ehrhart and the Extremes of Foreign Policy, Ideology, and the American Hegemony 51.5 KB
25 May 2012 Ian Edwards: An "Uncompromising Allegiance to Obscenity and Evil:" Dispatches, the Jouissance of War, and the Responsibility of Spectatorship 124.6 KB
25 May 2012 Martin H. Folly: Seeking Comradeship in the 184.4 KB
25 May 2012 Patricia Chogugudza: Gender and War: Zimbabwean Women and the Liberation Struggle 119.0 KB
25 May 2012 Rodney Sharkey: Perpetual Transit in the TRNC: A Director's Notes on Staging Fateh Azzam's Baggage 70.6 KB
25 May 2012 Rosemary Haskell: War and Writing in the Undergraduate Literature Classroom: Modal Analysis and the Destabilization of the Soldier's Heroic and Idyllic Worlds 88.7 KB
25 May 2012 Tracy E. Bilsing: Mors ab Alto: The Dangerous Power of Women's Images in Second World War Nose Art 142.9 KB
25 May 2012 Notes on Contributors 18.9 KB

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