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26 Aug 2011 Notes on Contributors 13.6 KB
26 Aug 2011 Lawrence Normand, Modernising Scottish Witchcraft Texts 44.8 KB
26 Aug 2011 Kathryn Perry, "I do it onely for the Printers sake:" Commercial Imperatives and Epigrams in the Early Seventeenth Century 75.8 KB
26 Aug 2011 Alan Stewart, The Birth of a National Biography: The Lives of Roderigo Lopez, Solomon Lazarus Levi and Sidney Lee 81.5 KB
26 Aug 2011 Lloyd Davis, Embodied Masculinity in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. 81.4 KB
26 Aug 2011 A A Bromham, "A Plague Will Come:" Art, Rape, and Venereal Disease in Middleton's Women Beware Women 68.8 KB
26 Aug 2011 William Leahy, "You cannot show me:" Two Tudor Coronation Processions, Shakespeare's King Henry VIII and the Staging of Anne Boleyn 50.9 KB
26 Aug 2011 Cliff Forshaw, "Cease Cease to bawle, thou wasp-stung Satyrist:" Writers, Printers and the Bishops' Ban of 1599. 113.2 KB
26 Aug 2011 R W Maslen, Lodge's Glaucus and Scilla and the Conditions of Catholic Authorship in Elizabethan England. 152.1 KB
26 Aug 2011 Stephen Clucas, Banquets of the Senses: Elizabethan Ovidianism and its Discontents 108.3 KB
26 Aug 2011 Darryll Grantley, "Promisse Me My Liberty:" Conventions of Roman Comedy and the Representation of Oppression and Resistance in the Tudor Interlude July and Julian 64.8 KB
26 Aug 2011 William Leahy and Nina Taunton, Introduction 33.1 KB

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