17 Chinese universities visit Brunel’s Centre for Accounting, Finance and Corporate Governance

Published: Wednesday 24 July 2013
Delegates from 17 Chinese universities
Delegates from 17 Chinese universities at a round table meeting


The Department of Economics and Finance was proud to welcome delegates from 17 prestigious Chinese universities recently. Organised by the ICAEW (Institute for Chartered Accountants England and Wales), Brunel University was chosen as one of the ICAEW’s centres of excellence in accounting studies within the UK.
The round table meeting was chaired by Professor Guy Liu, Director of Brunel’s Centre for Accounting, Finance and Corporate Governance. Short presentations were given by academics from the Department about their current research including, Dr Tony Tollington, Dr John Hunter, Dr Russ Moro, Ms Diana Liu and Professor Guy Liu.
Professor Liu Yunguo from Sun Yat-Sen University was incredibly impressed with PhD Student Diana Liu’s presentation and has invited Diana to visit their university. Diana Liu is currently completing her PhD within the Department at Brunel and is close to submission.
Furthermore, Dr Russ Moro, lecturer in Economics and Finance has been invited by many of the delegates to visit their universities and present his research on the use of accounting information for credit risk assessment to their colleagues.
Professor Guy Liu commented that “the visit was incredibly successful” and expressed his thanks to all of those who helped in organising the event, the ICAEW, the academics that presented on the day and the 17 delegates who attended the event. Professor Liu went on to state that: “The delegates were impressed by our strength in research and expertise in accounting, finance and economics.”

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