Pam Alldred

Dr Pam Alldred

Senior Lecturer in Education & Youth Work Studies - Social Work

Room: 301, Mary Seacole Building
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267270

About Pam

Academic qualifications

  • PhD ’Fit to Parent’: Psychology, Knowledge and Popular Debate (University of East London)
  • PG Dip. HE (University of Greenwich)
  • PG Dip. Cultural Studies (University of East London)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (University of Leicester)


Pam Alldred’s research and teaching interests are in gender and sexuality, identities and inequalities, particularly in relation to children and young people. Her formation, research and employment has spanned sociology, psychology, education and women’s studies. She has researched sex education and teenage pregnancy, lone mothers and lesbian mothers, professional perspectives on sex education and children’s views of policy, and has also published on qualitative (discursive) research methods. She is currently on the Sex Education and Gender and Education editorial boards and was a member of the Feminist Review Editorial Collective 1997-2011.


Committee responsibilities

SHSSC Research Ethics Committee; Division of Social Work’s Anti-discriminatory Practice Group; SHSSC Post-graduate Students Applications Group

Previously: Equality & Diversity Officer for the School of Sport & Education, member of the School of Education’s Research Committee, Teaching & Learning Committee, and a School Rep on the Library Users’ Group.

Admin responsibilities

Programme Leader for MA Youth and Community Studies, and Acting Programme Leader for MA Youth and Community Work

Director of the Centre for Youth Work Studies

Teaching responsibilities

  • Module and programme teaching responsibilities
  • Module leader for the academic  modules on the MA Youth and Community Studies
  • Tutor for BA and MA distance learning and part DL modules
  • Dissertation supervisor for MA YCW and YCS and Social Work
  • Tutor for BA1 Social Work
  • Occasional lectures for Health Promotion, and Social Work MAs and Social Work BA
  • Co-convenor of the CYWS PhD Networks Meetings

PhD supervision


  • Positive Sexual Health and Wellbeing: Supporting teachers with egalitarian sex education
  • Reflexive Methods for Teachers’ Personal Development
  • Youth, Empire and Class: Edwardian Reactions to Child Death in the Leysdown Tragedy


  • Tackling Cultures of Violence: Critical Gender Work with Young Men
  • Homophobia and Biphobia in Football
  • Narrative Approaches to Children’s Art Education
  • Young People’s Music Consumption in Malta
  • Youth Workers, Vocation and Practitioner Training
  • Holocaust Education (EdD)
  • Performativity applied to Lecturing (EdD)
  • Further Education for People with Severe Learning Difficulties (EdD)

Teaching / Supervision

Teaching interest

  • Research methods teaching for BA, MA and EdD
  • Equalities and anti-discrimination
  • Identities and subjectivities
  • Sociology of youth and childhood

Other responsibilities

Short courses or bespoke training for professionals on drugs education, Sexualities education or LGBT equalities


Research interests

  • Sexualities and sex & relationship education
  • Social justice interventions with young people
  • Anti-violence education (to tackle relationship abuse, peer on peer abuse, homophobia and transphobia)
  • Governmentality and performativity of school regimes

Pam Alldred’s research interests include sex and relationship education and cultures of sexuality and youth, as well as parenting and education policy. She is Principal Investigator on a large EU co-funded project devising innovative anti-homophobia and relationship violence training for teachers and 'youth practitioners' in 4 countries ( and was UK partner on a previous EU co-project that mapped good practice in anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia at local authority level ( She recently edited a special issue of Sex Education on the politics of sex education internationally, and conducted research on the gendered identities of students with care responsibilities (with F. Cullen). Her book Get Real About Sex: The Politics & Practice of Sex Education (co-authored by M E David) was published by Open University Press in 2007. 

Her previous research has focussed on childhood, inter-professional work, and parenting, and she has published extensively on research methods. She has been involved in several book collectives and was a member of the Feminist Review Editorial Collective for 13 years, a Trustee of the Feminist Review Trust for 3 years, involved with the Annual Review of Critical Psychology (, scientific advisor to SIMREF: international feminist research methods seminary ( and in 2012 joined the editorial board for Sex Education. She is a member of the Steering Group for Brunel's Gender and Sexuality Research Centre.

Research publications in the areas of:

  • education policy - particularly regarding Sex & Relationship Education, the education of young mothers, school exclusion
  • marginalised parents - the views of teenage mothers; and lesbian, gay and bisexual parents
  • children and young people's views - on sex education; employment; home-school links; and on participating in research
  • research methodology & ethics - especially in relation to research with children & young people
  • feminist social theory, political activism, social justice

Research centres

Research projects and grants

  • EU co-funded project (PI) Gap Work Project: Tackling Gender Related Violence
  • EU Against Homophobia. European Local Administration Devices (AHEAD project) (with Barcelona City Council). See report at
  • ERASMUS exchange with URV in Tarragona, Spain.


Membership and affiliation

  • British Educational Research Association (and BERA Sexuality and Social Justice SIGs)
  • SIMREF international Feminist Research Methods Residential Seminary
  • Sex Education Forum
  • European Sociological Association’s Sexuality Research Network

Professional activities or recognition

  • Consultancy work with local government on sexualities equalities, sex and relationship education and with schools, voluntary & sports organisations.
  • External examiner: Open University (Youth Studies), University of Sussex (Youth and Childhood Professional Studies) and University of Malta (Youth Work Studies)
  • Contributor to the 2008 Governmental Review of sex education


  • Chaired a symposium on Educating Against Violence at DPR13 (Discourse, Power, Resistance 2013)
  • 2013 papers presented at British Educational Research Association, European Sociological Association’s annual conference, European Sociological Association’s interim conference of the Sexuality Research Network; Gender and Education Association;
  • 2012 Convening two one-day conferences on methods and sexuality
  • 2012 papers included Co-chairing a symposium at the 2011 Gender, Work and Organisation international conference.

Other external activities

  • 2012 Editing a Special Issue of the journal Sex Education on Obstacles to Good Sex Ed
  • 2012 Co-editing a Special Issue of Sociological Research Online on Modern Girlhoods
  • 2012-13 Convening a seminar series: Youth Hedonism: Sex, Drugs and Alcohol
  • PhD examiner for UK, international and ‘European’ PhDs


Journal Papers

(2015)  Alldred, P. , Inside the Research-Assemblage: New Materialism and the Micropolitics of Social Inquiry, Sociological Research Online Download publication

(2015)  Alldred, P.  and Fox, N. , The sexuality-assemblages of young men: a new materialist analysis, Sexualities: Studies in Culture and Society Download publication

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Book Chapters

(2011)  Alldred, P.  and Barker, J. , Documentary and Secondary Analysis. In: Bradford, S.  and Cullen, F.  eds. Research Methods for Youth Practitioners. UK : Routledge

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(2007)  Alldred, P.  and Daid, ME. , Get real about sex: the politics and practice of sex education. Open University Press

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