Health Economics Research Group (HERG)

The Health Economics Research Group (HERG) has developed an international reputation in health economics, building on strong foundations and a consistent strategy pursued over more than twenty-five years.

HERG's strategic focus is on the economic evaluation of a broad range of clinical and health service technologies and its dual aim is to provide applied, policy-relevant research whilst developing and refining methods to increase the rigour and relevance of such studies.

This strategy is highly relevant as economic evaluation begins to play more and more influential roles in international and national policies on the adoption and use of specific technologies.

Get on your bike! Brunel academic calls for commuters to use a bike for their daily commute

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People who use their bikes as transport are four times more likely to meet the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity than those who don’t cycle, says a report by Brunel University London. Read more

The Evening Standard's interview with Glenn Stewart on his cycle commuting fitness research read more

Engagement in research shown to improve healthcare performance

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A team from the Health Economics Research Group conducted an innovative three-stage ‘hourglass’ review and found that when clinicians and healthcare organisation engage in conducting research as well as delivering care there is a likelihood there will be improved healthcare performance.

Brunel’s contribution to saving the UK science budget: The Power of the Pound

Brunel's Health Economics Research Group (HERG) played a crucial role in providing evidence to help save the UK science budget in the Government’s recent Spending Review.

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