Health Economics Research Group (HERG)

The Health Economics Research Group (HERG) has developed an international reputation in health economics, building on strong foundations and a consistent strategy pursued over more than twenty-five years.

HERG's strategic focus is on the economic evaluation of a broad range of clinical and health service technologies and its dual aim is to provide applied, policy-relevant research whilst developing and refining methods to increase the rigour and relevance of such studies.

This strategy is highly relevant as economic evaluation begins to play more and more influential roles in international and national policies on the adoption and use of specific technologies.

Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Research Policy (QMM2015) Workshop 1st & 2nd October 2015

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We are happy to announce the first ever

Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Research Policy (QMM2015) Workshop

Exploring Qualitative and Mixed Methodological Approaches in the Evaluation and Research Policy Field

1st & 2nd October, 2015

Paid positions to advise on physical activity research project

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We are seeking 2 members of the general public to advise the university research project on

the cost-effectiveness of approaches to increasing physical activity

Our research focusses on those who are well but not very active. It will look at the interventions and ages that are more cost-effective for promoting increase physical activity and therefore health of the general population. We will base this on ‘best-evidence’ reviews and a new economic model

(for more details, please select link: More Info ).

We are seeking two members of the public to help advise and shape our research. Both positions are supported with some funding, an introductory training course in economic evaluation and help from the researchers involved.

The research is led by Professor Julia Fox-Rushby, from the Health Economics Research Group at Brunel University London, and is funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme. The project is due to end in October 2016.

Both advisors will join the Steering Committee, which includes university researchers, health professionals, policy makers and charities. Its aim is to ensure research achieves its objectives and communicates results successfully. The Steering Committee’s main tasks will be to review papers and discuss the selection of interventions, development of the economic model and results. Public representatives will draft summaries of the research for the general public. The second advisor will also join quarterly research meetings and discuss progress and direction more frequently. Details for each position are attached.

Closing date for consideration: May 6th 2015.

Please send a CV and covering letter to:

Dr Nana Anokye

Senior Research Fellow

Brunel University London

Kingston Lane



ESRC funded project investigates the process of societal impact evaluation

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Gemma Derrick’s ESRC funded project investigates the process of societal impact evaluation, using the REF2014 impact criterion.

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