Sara Mansoor Zafar

Country: Pakistan


Level: Undergraduate

My time at Brunel

Did you join any Clubs or Societies?
I am a member of the Entrepreneurs Society

Why did you decide to study at Brunel?
Applying to any University is a daunting task because of the impact it has on your future. Your university sets you on a path that will carve out the rest of your future. During the time I was making a decision about this, I had to decide whether Brunel would set me on that path I wanted, and whether I could carve out a niche for myself in this place. I feel that I could. I felt comfortable with the campus as soon as I first saw it, and as a Business student, I saw the potential that the university had, and still has, to do even better in terms of academia. I wanted to be able to make the most of the expertise of all the teachers and students and people of repute who dominate their particular field of study.

What do you like about studying at Brunel?
Brunel's academic atmosphere is unique in terms of the support students receive from all quarters; teachers, advisors, and other students. That support makes you feel less unsure about what you're doing and builds your confidence immensely. What sets the work itself apart is the emphasis on practicality and its application in real world situations. Time and again, I've found that what I've studied in my course is relevant to my life, both professionally and personally. Finally, the diversity of the student body is such that you meet incredible people from all walks of life you never would in other circumstances, and that is a special way to live your life for the all too short 3-4 years you are here for.

What is your opinion of the university accommodation?
While I have never lived on campus, most of my friends do. As a result, I do spend a lot of time in university accommodation. The best aspect of Brunel's accommodation is its proximity to classes as it is a campus university, and you are guaranteed a decently sized single room as a first year (with an ensuite bathroom if you wish). This is a great opportunity to have your own space and privacy, but the communal kitchen allows you to mingle and make friends with other students in a comfortable relaxed environment. Furthermore, all bills are accounted in your total so you don't have to take care of electricity, internet, etc. separately.

What advice would you give to a new student at Brunel?
Try not to be overwhelmed by the changes that university undeniably brings. Take your time in adjusting to your new circumstances but try and push yourself outside of what's comfortable by mixing with other people (a great way to do this is through clubs and societies, and orientation week is fantastic! Try not to cower in your room for long, because it's so easy to do!) and prioritize your work so you don't suddenly have to deal with the pressure of doing a term's worth of work in the last few days (trying to understand what your professor's teaching you can be difficult- the best way to deal with that is visiting in office hours, and then you can even form a relationship which generally makes them more inclined to listen and help). Most of all- enjoy yourself! These are memories that you'll treasure for the rest of your life, so make them count! :)

After Brunel University

How do you plan to use your degree in your career?
My degree is great because of its broad base. You study mainly standard Business and Management during your first year, that allows you to explore your strengths and areas that may interest you before you choose a path your second year. My path is Accounting, which means I have a strong focus in both Business and Finance/Accounting areas for my career later on. As a work placement student, I can hopefully apply that focus next year in my internship and secure a job before I graduate. I also believe I can use the practical aspects of my degree in reality once I start working.

Page last updated: Tuesday 24 July 2012