Course Choices

The Study Abroad Programme at Brunel University is intended to allow undergraduates at other colleges and universities an opportunity to take courses across disciplines within the Schools of Arts, Social Sciences, and Sport and Education.
Please make provisional module choices from the module list. You will have the opportunity to discuss your choices when you enrol, and can alter the modules you have selected.
In order to complete 60 credits per term, you will need to take 3 modules. Since some modules may not be available for you to take, we encourage you to list an additional module for each term.
NOTE: You would not actually register for courses until you arrive on campus, shortly before the beginning of classes. Therefore, we cannot guarantee in advance that you will be able to register for all of the courses you want as some of these classes may be full or there may be timetable clashes. Additionally, there are prerequisites for some of these modules. Please understand that we cannot guarantee any of the modules listed in advance.

For further information on the Study Abroad Programme, contact Brunel International

Page last updated: Wednesday 29 January 2014