Simon Holt



"We are currently experiencing a kind of moment form writ large across the whole of art music (for want of a better term) these days. There is no argument with the past as we seem to choose more and more to completely ignore it, only making it available to ourselves when we need a splash of instant 'integrity' in a new piece, when it's appliqu├ęd to a backdrop of minimalism for example; a quick quote from Handel or whatever, tossed like a salad ingredient into the mix. We are definitely in the eye of some vast blur of storm at the moment, which is difficult to really comprehend or fully visualise. Everything seems to be almost too available and easily come by. Consistency, once so completely sought after, now seems like a dirty word. We have to be a different composer in each piece; 'inspired''/influenced' by this week's current buzzword composing trend. It's an attitude that has killed off any real sense of direction."


Page last updated: Sunday 30 September 2012