Events at Brunel University

Next 4 weeks

Sep 23 12:00 am

Journalism Matters! Seminar Series: 23/09 to 9/12

Seminar, Eastern Gateway Building

The Journalism Matters! seminar series, occurring over Autumn 2014, brings together experienced figures from the world of journalism to share their stories with members of the public, staff and students.

Oct 02 5:30 pm

Inaugural Lecture 2014: Professor Asoke Nandi

Lecture, Eastern Gateway Building Auditorium

Professor Asoke Nandi, Chair and Head of Electronic and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences will deliver his Inaugural Lecture entitled “Signal Processing – From Particles to Genes and Brains”.

Oct 07 5:00 pm

CCMR Seminar Series 'The State We're In': 7/10 to 25/11

Seminar, Council Chamber

Twenty years ago Will Hutton published his seminal work The State We’re In, which brilliantly analysed the condition of Britain, and especially its economy, at the time. It also provided a blueprint for the wholesale modernisation of the county of the country. Written towards the end of the long period of uninterrupted Tor rule, which began with Mrs Thatcher’s government in 1979, it was widely seen as providing the basis for Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’, although in retrospect it could be argued that many of Hutton’s more radical proposals were either watered down or ignored altogether by the government which took power in 1997.

Oct 09 6:00 pm

Brunel Author Series: Liyou Libsekal - Brunel African Poetry Prize winner)

General event, Brunel Library

Liyou Libsekal, winner of the African Poetry Prize 2014, will read from her poetry collection.

Oct 13 6:00 pm

Public Lecture 2014: Professor Lynne Segal

Lecture, Eastern Gateway Building Auditorium

Professor Lynne Segal will give a lecture on 'The Silver Tsunami: Fears and Fallacies surrounding Ageing'

Oct 15 6:00 pm

Brunel Authors Series: Marcus Chown

General event, Brunel Library, Bannerman Centre

Science writer Marcus Chown will read from his new book What a Wonderful World, and explain the workings of the whole universe in a fun and accessible way.

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