First Register of Female Students

Published: Wednesday 25 March 2015
Front cover of the register

As part of my volunteering at the archives I transcribed the First Register of Female Students at Borough Road College, which covered the years 1806-1827. The Register provides a wide range of information on the students; from their name and hometown, to their appointments after attending the College and the School Mistress’ own comments about them.

A particularly interesting part of the Register is the variety of places that students both came from and went to after the College. Women attended Borough Road from across the United Kingdom, but also further afield, such as New York, Toulouse and Sierra Leone. Furthermore, after finishing their studies, women were appointed in locations as far flung and diverse as Antigua, Haiti, The Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and New South Wales, the first colony to be established in Australia.

It’s fascinating to see just how far the BFSS reached, and the prominent role women played in doing so. The Register shows that even 200 years ago women from a variety of backgrounds were playing an active and important role in advancing education in this country and abroad.

The transcript of the register can be found here.


Joshua Insley


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