World Book Day 2017

Published: Wednesday 8 March 2017

The Murray Collection forms part of the Maria Grey College Archive at Brunel University London Archives. Maria Grey College was a teacher training college which opened in 1878. In 1976 it merged with other colleges to form the West London Institute of Higher Education. The West London Institute would, in 1995, go on to be subsumed into Brunel University London.

Elsie Riach Murray was head of Kindergarten at Maria Grey College from 1898 until her retirement in 1926. She was a strong support of the Froebelian movement. Developed by Friedrich Froebel in the mid-1800s, the movement advocated the importance of play and activity in learning.

The Murray Collection came to Brunel University London Archives from the E.R.Murray Memorial Library at Maria Grey College.  It consists of over 700 children’s books ranging from the mid-19th to early 20th century. The collection provides a curious look at the development of the children’s literature. Many from the 19th century are religious in tone and tend to emphasise a moral point. The collection also provides a wealth of children’s illustrations such as those by Edmund Dulac and Arthur Rackham amid others.



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