Music Awards

Who can apply?

What our students say

  • The team at the Arts Centre are amazing, you are made to feel welcome, cared about and supported in your learning and development no matter what reason you are doing the classes
    — George Gehm

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  • Katy Gough
    The award enables students such as myself, who are doing non-musical degrees, to keep up their training, which would otherwise be too expensive for many students
    — Katy Gough

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  • Javil Parris
    My music award with the Arts Centre opened an avenue through which I have been able to broaden my understanding of my instrument, and music as a whole
    — Javil Parris

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  • Sam Ody
    I have learnt so much and it wouldn't have been possible without the Music Awards, I consider myself very fortunate
    — Sam Ody

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The Awards are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students irrespective of their area of study.

Music awards are available to singers and instrumentalists.

What do Music Awards offer?

Award Holders have all or part of the cost of their individual music tuition covered throughout their period of study at Brunel.

There are many opportunities for performing during the academic year, both as an individual, and as a member of one of the many ensembles the Brunel Arts offers.

 Although most concerts are on campus, students are often invited to take part in performances within Hillingdon, and many of the University's annual events (such as One World Week, RAG and the end-of-year student festival) feature Award student performers.

When are the auditions?

For the University year 2017/18, the auditions will be held on Tuesday 26 September and Wednesday 27September 2017.

The auditions are organised by the Brunel Arts, and the deadline for applications is 4pm on Friday 22 September 2017.

See details of our weekly music activities.


Please contact us with any questions you have +44 (0)1895 266074.

How to apply

Email with the following details:


1. Your full name.

2. Course of study at Brunel (and year).

3. Details of your instrument or voice and standard (including details of any grading or exams you have taken).

4. Home address.

5. Mobile phone number.


We will then send you an audition time and details of what you should prepare.



Please be prepared to perform two contrasting pieces as outlined below. There will be an opportuntiy to discuss your musical experience and what will be available to you musicaly at Brunel.

Sally Goodworth will be available to accompany all students - please remember to bring your own piano accompaniments if relevant (Singers: these will need to be in the right key for your voice).

What you need to play/sing:

Instrumentalists -  perform two short pieces or movements of contrasting character, at least one of which should be with piano accompaniment

Pianists: perform two short pieces or movements of contrasting character

Singers :perform two contrasting songs, one of which  must be performed with piano accompaniment,

Who will be there:

Michael Sanderson, and Sally Goodworth, Music Coordinators for Brunel Arts. Additionally, music tutors, Sam Cave (Tuesday auditions) and Eileen Pinkarchevski (Wednesday auditions) will be listening to the auditions.


Applications should be made to the Brunel Arts  as soon as possible with full details of instrument/voice, standard, home address and mobile and home telephone numbers, and course of study at Brunel.

Awards from the Music Tuition Fund are made following auditions in the first university teaching week of Term 1. 

Awards may be made to cover the full cost or part of the cost individual musical tuition.

Applicants are expected to be of a standard equivalent to Grade 7 of the Associated Board, though it is not necessary to have passed any particular examination.For instruments/voices not examined by ABRSM, an equivalent performance standard is expected.

Tuition is normally given by teachers already visiting the University but, in exceptional cases, other arrangements may be considered.

Music Award holders are expected to take a full part in the musical life of the University. and funds will be withdrawn should this commitment be lacking.

Page last updated: Tuesday 26 January 2016