House Style

This House Style Guide provides information on the Brunel logo, the University’s visual identity, and guidelines on both printed and electronic media. It also includes advice on stylistic and policy issues that you need to consider when producing content for both print and web.

Editorial responsibility

The aim of the Brunel house style is to present a strong and consistent image across all applications. It is therefore the responsibility of all members of the University to exercise judgement and care to ensure that publications, communications and web pages comply with the visual identity guidelines.

If there are any points on which you require clarification, please contact us and we will be pleased to offer guidance.


The logo is the copyright of Brunel University and no unauthorised reproduction is permitted.

Read the House Style Manual

  • Logos: as the key symbol of Brunel, the logo should be used on all Brunel University publications.

  • Coat of Arms: the Coat of Arms is reserved for use on a restricted range of official insignia and documents.

  • Stationery: there are firm rules concerning layouts and print quality of stationery (ie letterheads, compliments slips and business cards).

  • Online resources: download Powerpoint templates, access photographs, etc.

  • Printed promotional material: guidelines on producing promotional literature.

  • School branding: colour and tints for each of the academic Schools.

  • Fonts and formats: guidelines on house fonts and how to format copy.

  • Web guidelines: All content on the Brunel website is created within set templates and according to firm design and policy guidelines.

Page last updated: Wednesday 01 February 2012