Web templates

The web templates used across the Brunel website are designed around a flexible framework and conform to a standard branded look. Visitors to “brunel.ac.uk” should instantly be aware that the page they have selected forms part of the wider Brunel site.

Through consistent placement of navigation and page structure, users should become familiar with the look and structure of the Brunel web pages, increasing ease of use and engendering confidence.

To achieve this, and to ensure the University fulfils its accessibility obligations, there are elements in the templates that must remain constant and elements that are flexible.

The key considerations in devising the templates include:

  • Clear Brunel brand identity;
  • Consistent page structure;
  • Flexible elements to give departments, Schools and projects the capacity for sub-branding;
  • Accessibility;
  • Quick to download;
  • Work across a wide variety of browsers and platforms;
  • Fit a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Constant and flexible elements

The following graphics show the elements that must remain constant and those that are flexible.


The banner is made up of elements that appear on every page across the Brunel site. These include the Brunel logo (never the Coat of Arms) [1], colour branding (either School or corporate), global links [2], global navigation [3], and search box [4]. 


Banner image 


The footer is also a constant on every Brunel page, and contains essential information and links such as date, disclaimer and freedom of information.


Footer image 

Course finder page

Course search

The corporate banner contains a fixed course search facility [1] that takes users direct to a refined filter system [2] for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Course search 

School and departmental templates and colours

School pages match the look of the corporate pages but are designed in the appropriate branding colour [1] (see School branding page).

Standard page navigation

The left-hand navigation bar [2] builds automatically as the section is created and cannot be overriden. Editors may choose the content of any right-hand toolbar [3].

School page 

Page last updated: Monday 03 September 2012