Online resources: News and newspapers

Searchable collections (e-library)

  • - note to first time users: you should follow this special FT registration link - please use your Brunel University email address to create a unique username and password. The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading business news and information organisations. is an essential source of breaking news, comment, data analysis and research tools. It supports a range of disciplines from accounting and international relations to economics and management.
  • Nexis from LexisNexis (alternative link - use if the first link does not work) contains the full text of all UK national newspapers as well as a range of regional and international newspapers, some up to twenty years old. This is a searchable database, very powerful when researching specific topics; it is not as useful for general browsing. Logon to the e-library for access.
  • Regional Business News from EBSCOhost Research Databases (alternative link - use if the first link does not work) contains full text coverage of regional business news press, predominately covering the United States (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.), but also including some sources from the rest of the world such as the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Le Monde, and Mail on Sunday.

Searchable collections (Internet)

  • Paperboy provides access to over 6100 regional, national and international newspapers; you can search for publication titles, but not for specific topics or articles.
  • British Media Online, similarly, offers links to a wide variety of national and local newspapers and magazines in the UK. Especially good to keep in touch with local news, as the regional subcategories contain links to most papers with an online presence.

Current news

  • BBC News features live, regularly updated national and international news in a variety of formats, as well as scheduling and content information about the BBC’s televised news shows.
  • Google UK News lists up-to-date headlines from other news sources, providing links to full articles. Change location or category (choose from ‘health’, ‘sports’, ‘entertainment’, etc) for a list of the material most relevant to you.
  • Yahoo UK & Ireland News provides a similar list of up-to-date links to its own articles, which can also be navigated by category as well as searched. Its American cousin, Yahoo News, provides you with content from across the Atlantic.
  • ITN

UK national newspapers and magazines

These links take you to a newspaper’s website, which will include articles from their printed editions, and additional content, including online discussion.

Broadsheet newspapers:

Tabloid newspapers:


  • Times Higher Education has up-to-date career listings and news from the British Higher Education sector, including content not present in the printed edition.
  • The Economist is a weekly English-language magazine, published in London, taking an unbiased viewpoint on not only economic affairs, but a range of political, business and financial issues.
  • The New Scientist covers, weekly, recent developments in international science and technology for a general English-speaking audience. The website includes job listings in the relevant fields, and range of articles. A subscription is needed to access longer content, of which only extracts are available without a login.

Around the world

  • Foreign language news and newspapers features a comprehensive set of links to foreign language journals, newspapers and magazines courtesy of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries. You can browse by language or source type.
  • ABYZ News Links is a directory of online news sources from around the world.
  • Al Jazeera: an English language version (with links to the Arabic) of the Middle East’s foremost independent news network.
  • Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library
  • eufeeds is a RSS news aggregator that provides more then 1000 European news feeds from national, regional and local newspapers, magazines and press agencies.
  • Frankfurter Allgemaine is the most popular German broadsheet newspaper outside Germany; note that there is no English-language version of this website.
  • Free Newspaper Archives (US)
  • Internet Public Library links to online newspapers worldwide.
  • Library of Congress news services and newspapers online.
  • Newseum through a special agreement with more than 800 newspapers worldwide, the Newseum displays their front pages each day on its website.
  • Le Monde is a well-respected newspaper widely obtainable outside its native France. Again, online content is not in English.
  • New York Times: America’s largest metropolitan and most popular online newspaper; the website is dense but clear, and kept up-to-date.
  • Reuters is a well-known, Canada-controlled business news and financial information service. Editions for different countries can be selected with the drop-down menu on the homepage. The site provides detailed financial and economic information by country.
  • Silobreaker aggregates news, blogs, research, audio, video and other digital media content from global news, shared, user generated and open access sources.
  • The Washington Post: one of America’s leading daily newspapers, known for its political reporting, and with several foreign bureaus providing international news. Access to online articles is free, but requires users to sign up.
  • CNN is a US-based cable news network that provides up-to-the-minute reporting as well as political and international analysis. The tabs at the top of the website will bring up the most recent headlines for that subject area.
  • Time is one of America’s number one magazines on a variety of topics; from politics, to the arts, to popular culture, to their sometimes-controversial ‘Person of the Year’ choices.

Historical news

  • The British Library Newspaper Collections formerly held in Colindale, North London have been moved to Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. However, the Newsroom has opened at the St Pancras site providing microfilm copies of the 15 most highly used newspaper titles which are available on open-access shelves and also includes 40 digital microfilm readers. Print newspapers will become available again in Autumn 2014 but only where there is no microfilm or digital alternative available. A 48 hour turnaround is promised.
  • British Newspapers 1600-1900: login via the e-library to access this collection; a British Library hosted online archive of British newspapers and other publications from 1600 to 1900, searchable by topic and headline.
  • Nineteenth Century Newspapers: login via the e-library to access this collection; the website has a similar interface to the one above.
  • Seventeeth & Eighteenth Century Newspapers, Burney Collection: login via the e-library to access this collection of Reverend Charles Burney’s collection of newspapers, pamphlets and books, maintained by the British Library.
  • South Eastern Gazette - free access to the South Eastern Gazette. This important regional newspaper archive has been funded by the 'Your Heritage Lottery Fund': this near-40,000-page archive covers the latter part of the 19th Century and runs through to 1912.
  • Historic American newspapers online
  • Historic Australian newspapers online

Accessible news sources beyond Brunel

A number of full-text digital news archives can be accessed remotely via registration with local public library services. Commonly, you may register with any borough's public library service regardless of where you live in the UK. Here are just a few examples:

Hillingdon public libraries subscribe to the following full-text news services:

  • The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007
  • UK Newsstand (provides access to local and national news sources; date coverage varies but broadsheets are generally available from the 1990s onwards)

    See the following web page for more information.

Westminster City Council Libraries subscribe to the following full-text news services:

  • The Economist 1843-2006
  • The Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2007
  • The Guardian and Observer 1791-2003
  • The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007
  • The Illustrated London News 1842-2003
  • Picture Post 1938-1957
  • Newsbank (archive of national & regional newspapers and magazines)
  • UK Press Online (The Daily Mirror Archive 1903 – current, Daily Express Archive 1900 – current, Sunday Express Archive 2000 – current)
  • Library Press Display (international newspapers with a 3 month backfile).  

    See the following web page for information on how to register.

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