You asked we did

Find out below how we responded to your suggestions.

  • You asked us where you can find take-away and reference information in the Placement & Careers Centre so we have created a floor plan that will show you where you can find resources.
  • You said there were no Psychology employers at our fairs. In response we held a Psychology forum.
  • You said you wanted more placements with small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We acted on your feedback by providing more placements with SMEs.
  • Business School students were asking for overseas placements and we have started sourcing international placements as a result of their requests. We now have a job folder called "Overseas jobs" for Business School students.
  • You asked us to improve text spacing and change the background colour on some web pages. We improved text spacing and changed the background colour on some web pages to improve readability on the website.
  • You asked us to redesign web pages that used tables and add HTML header tags so that they can be read by screenreaders such as JAWS. We redesigned web pages that used tables and added HTML header tags so that they are compatible with screenreaders such as JAWS
  • You asked us to break up the the 'Make yourself employable' web page to avoid a long list. We divided the 'Make yourself employable' page into sections with better cross-linking
  • In a survey of students using the PCC information resources, a request was made for more Health Studies information. As a result, we reviewed and extended our hard copy Health Studies resources in the PCC information library.

Improving our service is an ongoing job so please tell us if you have other ideas on how we can improve the Placement & Careers Centre for you.

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Page last updated: Monday 12 December 2011