Working in Pakistan - Careers and Recruitment Fair 2012

Published: Tuesday 27 March 2012

Mehvish Arshad, BA Journalism student on her first assignment at Brunel, reports on a careers and recruitment event that took place on campus recently.

Brunel International and the Placement and Careers Centre (PCC) at Brunel University teamed up with the British Council to undertake a new initiative.

‘The Corporate Initiative’ is a joint venture by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the Education UK British Council .that aspires to bridge the gap between students studying in the UK and potential employers in Pakistan.

Under this initiative a Careers and Recruitment Fair took place on Tuesday 21 February 2012 at Brunel University that brought employers from Pakistan to speak about the opportunities that exist in the country and to encourage students to choose to work in Pakistan after their education with the promise of employment or an internship.

The Fair saw top employers from Pakistan such as L’Oreal, Barclays Bank, Siemens, Indus Motors and United Energy Pakistan speak to and interview students for internships and graduate jobs.

Head of the Education UK British Council, Pakistan, Nadia Kamran said “British graduates are our responsibility, we want our Pakistani students not to go to the Middle East or Europe but back to Pakistan.”

The Fair allowed students to get directly in touch with employers “but it is also for them to understand that there are opportunities in Pakistan. We have come to raise awareness. Thanks to the Brunel team for making this event possible”. The Fair was open to all Brunel students and those from partner institutions.

An Indus Motor Company spokesman said “This Fair is important for us because there is a large Pakistani student community in England and they find when they go back that there is no structured way of finding a job and do not know who to approach, so this opportunity given to us by the British Council helps the students in letting them know they have something in hand.”.

He added “It is important that talented graduates go back and use their skills to the development of their own country.”.

Brunel student, Naila Ahmed, said “I realised that there is actually a lot of opportunity out there and how easy it is to get involved in the internship programmes; I have been invited to intern over the summer for L’Oreal. It has opened my eyes a lot, fairs like this are very valuable, a lot of people can benefit from something like this.”

The Employers Fair was also part of a week-long celebration of Brunel’s international students called ‘One World Week’.

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