Earn while you study

As a Brunel University London student, the Placement and Careers Centre (PCC) Job Shop gives you access to hundreds of part-time and temporary vacancies both on campus and in the local area through our vacancy listings. Whether it is general part-time work on campus and in the local area, or more specifically course related opportunities you are looking for, the PCC Job Shop advertises roles in business, IT, finance, media, creative industries and many more.

The roles available on campus can pay between £6 - £14 per hour and vary from the popular Student Ambassador, Employability Rep and Job Shop Temp schemes to roles within administration, customer service, IT support and everything in between. We also offer the chance to apply to work on a selection of summer projects including Graduation Stewarding, the Alumni Fundraising Call Centre, the Clearing Call Centre and the More Café catering team, to name a few. Roles on campus often offer flexible working hours or are event based, enabling you to find working solutions that fit with your timetable and enhance your experience at Brunel.

At the start of the academic year the PCC Job Shop hold a Part-Time Jobs Fair giving you access to many local employers who are actively recruiting students just like you. We also run a range of workshops to help you with your part-time job applications and job hunting, as well as handouts to help you with all aspects of student employment – from when to pay tax and national insurance, to how much holiday you should expect from your employer, and the National Minimum Wage.

We’re help to help and advise you as much as we can - as the Job Shop is part of the PCC, this gives you access to our Careers Consultant colleagues, who are available to assist you with CV checks, job hunting and advice during your search for part time work.

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to enhance their employability skills whilst at university; completing paid part time work during your degree is a great avenue for doing this whilst gaining an insight into the various working environments that are out there. We want you to be the best that you can be and graduate from Brunel with the skills and experience gained through part time work that will enhance your CV and make you stand out from the crowd.

Sandy, studying Information Systems, was a Job Shop temp and is now on placement at AXA Investment Managers.

"When I started University I really wanted a part time job and I used the various websites available for almost a year with no luck. Then I decided to use the PCC website for on-campus and local jobs, applying for the Job Shop Temps scheme and after that there was no looking back. You can pick up a job that suits you, your timetable and your skills.

In the Job Shop pool you can take up as many jobs as you want according to your schedule and I never wanted to miss any opportunity to develop my skills for I knew the more experience I had to write on my CV, the more chances I would have of securing a placement.

My jobs have developed my skills and boosted my confidence as I have been given responsibility and handled sensitive issues. I have worked in a variety of departments and these experiences gave me immense confidence to create an impressive CV and to face interviews. I would like to mention it strongly here that when I wrote my CV and was able to demonstrate the skills I had developed 90% of the companies I applied to for placement called me for an interview.

Once I have completed my industrial work placement for my degree, I know that nothing can stop me from getting a graduate opportunity."


Page last updated: Monday 18 August 2014