Deciding on your career

You've decided to start your job search but do you know what you want to do and where to start? Sometimes it's tempting to grab the first job you can, especially if times are tough, with little thought for how it will relate to your long-term career planning. But try to resist any panic moves and, while remaining realistic about your chances of getting that ‘dream’ job, attempt to steer yourself into a first post that will set you up for the future.

Taking the right option now will help you appreciably not just in the years to come but also in the current competitive climate where employers expect you to be more career focused.

So, what can you do? You'll need a starting point. Work through each of the following four steps - they could be invaluable!

Step 1 - Know yourself

What are you like? What are the key aspects of your personality, abilities and interests?

Step 2 - Consider your options

How will you find out more about potential career choices, typical career pathways or alternatives to employment such as freelance work or self employment?

Step 3 - Look at what is out there

Help yourself to make good career decisions by finding out about the opportunities available.

Step 4 - Find out about employers and job vacancies

Building up knowledge about graduate jobs before you leave university can help you get ahead and give you the confidence to succeed.

Page last updated: Monday 21 November 2011