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Council is the governing body of the University. It is ultimately responsible for the employment of all staff, for all legal contracts the University's assets and finances, for all statutory compliance and for the University's strategic direction.

It delegates the execution of its responsibilities to our Vice-Chancellor and President, as chief executive and it monitors the implementation of policies through Council committees (which also propose policies and strategies to the Council).

The membership of Council is determined by the Statutes. The 13 independent (external) members of the Council are selected by the Nominations Committee which maintains a 'skills matrix', mapping members' skills, knowledge and expertise to the needs of our University. 

Members serve for up to four years (renewable once). Potential members of Council are sought from all sectors – names and brief CVs should be sent in confidence to the Secretary of Council.

There are 10 internal members of the Council:

  • The Vice-Chancellor and President
  • Three Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Two members of the Senate [one of whom is also a DVC]
  • Two elected academic members
  • Two elected non-academic staff
  • A member of the UBS Executive.

Council issues Ordinances which include the Financial Procedures of the University.

The Chair of Council is Ms J Kelly who may be contacted via the Office of the Secretary of Council.