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Undergraduate External Examiners

External Examiners carry out a vital role in the university and provide one of the principal means by which we maintain threshold academic standards. The role is an integral and essential part of institutional quality assurance.

Further information about External Examining can be found in Senate Regulation 4.

For queries concerning the External Examining process please contact external@brunel.ac.uk in the first instance.


Please note that it is not appropriate for you to make direct contact with the External Examiner(s) for your programme (or modular/assessment block).

If you have any queries concerning your individual performance or achievement, or any other issues about your programme of study, you should speak to your tutor or other specified point of contact in your Department to discuss your particular situation.

If you wish to challenge a decision of the Board of Examiners or to submit a complaint about any aspect of the university’s provision please read the guidance.

If you would like to be involved with the quality management process through which the university considers and responds to its External Examiners please contact your College Education Manager in the first instance.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences

Aerospace Engineering

Professor Martin Passmore (2015 – 2019), Loughborough University
Professor Duc Pham (2013 – 2017), University of Birmingham

Civil Engineering

Professor Alan Richard Woodside (2012 – 2017), University of Ulster

Computer Science

Professor Matt Jones (2013 – 2017), Swansea University
Dr Jens Krinke (2015 – 2019), UCL, University of London


Professor Paul A Rodgers (2013 – 2017), Northumbria University
Professor Bruce MacLeod Wood (2014 – 2018), Glasgow Caledonian University

Electronic and Computer Engineering

Professor Janis Jefferies (2013 – 2017), Goldsmiths, University of London
Professor Mark David Plumbley (2015 – 2018), University of Surrey
Mr Jamie Steane (2015 – 2019), Northumbria University


Professor Paul Glaister (2012 – 2016), University of Reading
Professor Raphael Hauser (2013 – 2017), Oxford University
Professor Frank Coolen (2015-2019), Durham University
Professor Stephen Gourley (2016-2020), University of Surrey

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Martin Passmore (2015 – 2019), Loughborough University
Professor Duc Pham (2013 – 2017), University of Birmingham
Professor Ali Turan (2015-2019), University of Manchester

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences


Dr Pauline von Hellermann (2016 – 2020), Goldsmiths, University of London


Dr William Merrin (2016 – 2020), Swansea University


Dr Carol Padgett (2014 – 2018), University of Reading
Professor Joseph Pearlman (2015 – 2019), City University London


Dr Christine Rogers (2017 – 2020), Aston University, Birmingham

English & Creative Writing

Dr Natasha Alden (2017-2020), Aberystwyth University
Mr David Savill (2015 – 2019), St Mary's University, Twickenham, London
Dr Andrew Mangham (2015-2019), University of Reading
Dr Binghan Zheng (2013 – 2017), Durham University

Games Design

Dr Alison Gazzard (2016 – 2020), UCL, University of London


Professor Daniel Hough (2015 – 2019), University of Sussex
Dr Heather Shore (2017-2021), Leeds Beckett University

Military and International History

Professor John Keiger (2017-2021), University of Cambridge


Dr Vian Bakir (2015 – 2019), Bangor University


Dr Antje du Bois-Pedain (2016-2021), University of Cambridge
Mr Robert Jago (2016-2020), Royal Holloway, University of London
Dr Jonathan Mukwiri (2016-2021), Durham University
Professor Michael Haley (2013 – 2017), Keele University
Professor Jonathan Herring (2014 – 2018), Oxford University
Professor Katherine Reece Thomas (2015 – 2019), City University London
Dr Florian Wagner-von Papp (2016-2020), UCL, University of London


Professor Lisa De Propris (2016 – 2019), University of Birmingham
Dr Pamela Yeow (2015 – 2019), University of Kent
Dr Manto Gotsi (2017-2021), University of Westminster
Dr Nicholas Tsitsianis (2016-2020), Queen Mary, University of London


Professor Paul Whitty (2011 – 2017), Oxford Brookes University


Professor John Davis (2013 – 2017), Kingston University
Professor Daniel Hough (2015 – 2019), University of Sussex
Dr Andy Mycock (2014 – 2018), University of Huddersfield
Dr Heather Shore (2017-2021), Leeds Beckett University

Screen Media

Dr Mark Readman (2015 – 2019), Bournemouth University


Dr Jo Haynes (2014 – 2018), University of Bristol


Dr Bryce Lease (2015 – 2019), Royal Holloway, University of London
Mr David Savill (2015 – 2019), St Mary's University, Twickenham, London
Dr Aoife Monks (2016-2020), Queen Mary University of London

College of Health and Life Sciences


Dr Michael John Fry (2014 – 2018), University of Reading
Professor Jonathan Green (2013 – 2018), University of Birmingham
Dr Anabel Varela-Carver (2015 – 2019), Imperial College, University of London

Community Health & Public Health

Ms Judith Murphy (2017 – 2021), University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

Occupational Therapy

Ms Liz Cade (2014 – 2018), Glyndwr University
Mrs Michaela Higginson (2016-2020), University of Liverpool
Dr Alan Massey (2017-2021), University of Chester                    


Dr Harriet Shannon (2016-2020), UCL, University of London


Dr Joanne Smith (2013 – 2017), University of Exeter
Dr Christopher Barnes (2016-2020), University of Derby
Dr Erica Lucas (2016-2020), Staffordshire University
Dr Chirs Wagstaff (2017-2021), University of Portsmouth

Social Work

Professor Nick Frost (2013 – 2018), Leeds Beckett University 
Dr Jo Haynes (2014 – 2018), University of Bristol
Dr Barry Cooper (2012-2017), The Open University

Sport Science

Professor Colin Boreham (2014 – 2018), University College Dublin 
Dr Marc Keech (2015 – 2019), University of Brighton
Dr Joe Causer (2016-2020), Liverpool John Moores University


The above lists of External Examiners are updated on a regular basis.