Habin Lee

Reader in Management Science

Contact Details

Room: ESGW 305n
Brunel University
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267414
Email: Habin.Lee@brunel.ac.uk
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Dr Habin Lee received PhD in Management Engineering, MEng in Management Science from KAIST. He had previously served on the faculties of Paichai University (Korea) and worked for BT Group as a principal researcher before he joined Brunel. His full CV is available at http://ehabin.googlepages.com/curriculumvitae

Teaching and Research


Introduction to Management Enquiry
Managing Information with Technologies
Understanding Business and Management Research

Research Interests

  • Business process (workflow) management
  • Virtual organization and supply chain management
  • Computer supported cooperative work
  • Market based organizational computing
  • Network economy

Research Centres

Information Systems Evaluation and Integration (ISEing)



Journal Papers

(2013) Choi, JW., Lee, HJ., Sajjad, F. and Lee, H., The influence of national culture on the attitude towards mobile recommender systems, Technological Forecasting and Social Change

(2013) Lee, KC., Lee, H., Lee, N. and Lim, J., An agent-based fuzzy cognitive map approach to the strategic marketing planning for industrial firms, Industrial Marketing Management

(2012) Lee, KC., Lee, H. and Lee, N., Agent based mobile negotiation for personalized pricing of last minute theatre tickets, Expert Systems with Applications 39 (10) : 9255- 9263

(2012) Lee, KC., Lee, N. and Lee, H., Multi-agent knowledge integration mechanism using particle swarm optimization, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 79 (3) : 469- 484

(2012) Ahn, HJ., Childerhouse, P., Vossen, G. and Lee, H., Rethinking XML-enabled agile supply chains, International Journal of Information Management 32 (1) : 17- 23

(2011) Sajjad, F., Lee, H., Kamal, M. and Irani, Z., Workflow technology as an e-participation tool to support policy-making processes, Journal of Enterprise Information Management 24 (2) : 197- 212

(2011) Lee, H., Kim, JW. and Hackney, R., Knowledge hoarding and user acceptance of online discussion board systems: a case study, Computers in Human Behavior 27 (4) : 1431- 1437

(2007) Lee, H., Mihailescu, P. and Shepherdson, J., Realizing teamwork in the field: An agent-based approach, IEEE Pervasive Computing 6 (2) : 85- 92 Download publication

(2003) Berger, M., Bouzid, M., Buckland, M., Lee, H., Lhuillier, N., Olpp, D., Picault, J. and Shepherdson, J., An approach to agent-based service composition and its application to mobile business processes, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 2 (3) : 197- 206 Download publication

(2003) Lee, J., Lee, J. and Lee, H., Exploration and exploitation in the presence of network externalities, Management Science 49 (4) : 553- 570 Download publication

(2003) Lee, H., Ahn, HJ. and Park, SJ., A flexible agent system for change adaptation in supply chains, Expert Systems with Applications 25 (4) : 603- 618

Book Chapters

(2009) Ali, M. and Lee, H., The social impact on web design in online social communities. In: Lytras, MD., Damiani, E., Carroll, JM., Tennyson, RD., Avison, D., Naeve, A., Dale, A., Lefrere, P., Tan, F., Sipior, J. and Vossen, G. eds. Visioning and Engineering the Knowledge Society: A Web Science Perspective. Berlin/Heidelberg : Springer (5736/2009) : 207- 217

(2008) Lee, H. and Shepherdson, J., A negotiation composition model for agent based eMarketplaces. In: Yoo, S-D. ed. EKC2008 Proceedings of the EU-Korea Conference on Science and Technology. Berlin/Heidelberg : Springer (124, Part 3) : 365- 369

(2008) Lee, H., Ahn, HJ., Kim, H., Shepherdson, J. and Park, SJ., Agent based formation and enactment of adaptable inter-organizational workflows in virtual organizations. In: Nguyen, NT., GS, J., Howlett, RJ. and Jain, LC. eds. Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Applications. Berlin/Heidelberg : Springer (4953/2008) : 594- 603

(2008) Lee, H., Kim, JW. and Hackney, R., The determinants of the effectiveness of online discussion board systems in eLearning: A case study. In: Lytras, MD., Carroll, JM., Damiani, E. and Tennyson, RD. eds. Emerging Technologies and Information Systems for the Knowledge Society. Berlin/Heidelberg : Springer (5288/2008) : 271- 277

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