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Criminal law

The module introduces students to English Criminal Law. It covers critical evaluation of the definition and scope of serious criminal offences and the underlying philosophies. Furthermore, it explores the general principles applicable in Criminal Law and the range of Criminal Law.

Contract law

The module provides explanations of the legal principles applicable to legally binding agreements between parties and the effects of any defects in their formation or performance. Furthermore, the module considers the nature of a valid contract and identifies its essential characteristics. It also explores how a contract may be discharged and the available remedies in such situations.

The Criminal Justice System

This course introduces students to the criminal justice institutions. It provides students with an overview of the pre-trial and trial stages of the criminal process. It familiarises students with practical applications of English criminal law theory.

Public Law

This module introduces students to theoretical and practical foundations of Public Law. It familiarises students with the historical and political sources of constitutional and administrative law and of civil liberties. It situates Public law in its political and practical context by focusing on, in addition to fundamental concepts, current constitutional developments and applied learning in the form of structured problem solving. It enables  students to evaluate current constitutional developments in light of the UK Constitution overall, including, in particular, developments and evolution in: (a) the relationship of the UK to the EU and Council of Europe legal systems, (b) internally in the UK in the devolution framework, (c) the classic institutions of State of Monarchy and Parliament.

Level 2 Core (click to expand)

European Union law

Since the UK’s accession to the EEC in 1972 (now the European Union), European Community Law has had a dramatic and ever increasing influence over the English legal system. Not only has EC Law fundamental constitutional implications for the UK, it also brings with it numerous important rights for European Union citizens.

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