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Student Profiles

Tom Bolton

Ultimately, the course has allowed me to explore many approaches to game design, and has seriously beefed up my toolset

Simo Rajamaki

The documentation, pitching and prototyping skills it teaches are highly valued by employers and played an instrumental part in getting my first job

I dread the day that I have to leave Brunel – this has been an experience I’ll never forget

I’ve found studying at Brunel to be a truly fun, active, and rich experience

Elena Horn

At Brunel I found highly dedicated teachers to support and guide me every step of that journey

Kristy Myrie

My three years at Brunel were fantastic... When I graduated I was lucky enough to land a position at the BBC

Jeremy Linares

Being taught about design, theory and the game industry in equal parts prepares you no matter what course you choose to take in the future

The MA in Digital Games gave me the opportunity to identify and evaluate design issues that I felt passionate about

Eva Tapiero

At Brunel you learn multi-platform journalism

Victoria Oliphant

My writing has improved so much over my time here and I have developed my own writing style

Erminia Passannanti

The academic guidance I have received has been very beneficial for my progress

— Erminia Passannanti
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Chereece Whyte

The endless opportunities alongside friendly and knowledgeable lecturers made my experience at Brunel a positive one

— Chereece Whyte
Sociology BSc
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The lecturers are very passionate about what they do, very supportive and experienced

Malcolm Zammit

The final project for my MA at Brunel was shortlisted for the Best Short Film Award of the flEXiff 2009 Experimental Film Festival held in Sydney, Australia

Dominique Starr

A recommended course for anyone committed to working in the industry or just itching to broaden their practical knowledge of game design

Ian Stone

I really enjoy researching the content of my PhD, which combines two of my passions: film and philosophy. I feel well supported by my supervisors, and encouraged by their feedback.

— Ian Stone
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I was inspired to undertake a new and challenging career in Human Rights Activism


The work experience at WaterAid allowed me to apply all the skills that I have learned over the course of the programme in a professional setting

Katijah Wellings Thomas

Absolutely brilliant... I am truly excited to attend every lecture

The Brunel Games Design course has knowledgeable and friendly lecturers with a firm grasp of all the intricate facets of making games

— Gustav Andreasson
Games Design BA
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Every Erasmus student receives financial aid, which I found really helpful

I’d never studied Sociology prior to university and I enjoyed the range of readings offered on the course

Al Ward

This placement with Chiswick Buzz has given me the opportunity to develop my camera and editing skills in a professional and challenging environment

Izzy Khatkar

I got the chance to liaise and work with people from various departments such as postproduction and comedy

Lisa Boyles

The skills I learnt on this course enabled me to successfully find work as a Communications Executive in the charity sector

I liked that there was not much of a rigid hierarchy between staff and students, as everyone was able to communicate easily and comfortably

Dianna Reid

Not only have I been able to tremendously build up my CV, I have been able to do one of my placements in Peru!

— Dianna Reid
Anthropology BSc
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Chloe Chesterman

The Media Centre has state of the art filming and editing equipment; the team are professional and really fun to work with

Tariq Adaci

The course was an absolute pleasure to be a part of, and the students and staff bonded together in and out of lectures to socialize, play games together and help each other with work

Being able to carry out two different placements is an obvious benefit for a student

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