Dr Mark Jabbal


Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Room: H110
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267211
Email: mark.jabbal@brunel.ac.uk
Web: Personal Website



  • 2011-present: Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering, Brunel University London
  • 2008-2011: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Manchester


  • 2008 – PhD Aerospace Engineering, University of Manchester
  • 2003 – MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering, University of Manchester
  • 2013 – Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • 2009 – Associate Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society (AMRAeS)

Research and Teaching

Research Interests

Aerodynamic flow control can improve aircraft performance and efficiency by reducing drag associated with boundary layer transition and separation. These efficiency gains are critical towards reducing the environmental impact of air transport to meet industry targets such as ACARE 2020 Vision.

Research interests include:

  • Fluid mechanics of synthetic jet actuators
  • Actuator modelling and optimisation
  • Active flow control systems architectures for existing/novel vehicle configurations

I’m interested to hear from potential Postgraduate (PhD/MPhil) and Postdoctoral researchers in these and related areas.

Current Research

  • An EPSRC PhD funded opportunity is available in aerodynamics/flow control for UK/EU student (min. 2:1 in BEng/MEng aerospace engineering or related). Self-funded international students will also be considered.


  • ME1332 Introduction to Engineering Design (contributing tutor)
  • ME1334 Aerospace Laboratories (contributing tutor)
  • ME2605/ME3605 Principles of Aircraft Design (module leader)
  • ME35310/ME5543 Advanced Aerodynamics, Propulsion Systems and Space Mechanics  (module leader)

Research Supervision

Postgraduate student research projects supervision

  • “Noise Reduction Characteristics of Double-Chamber Synthetic Jet Actuators.” (2011)
  • “Conceptual Design of Civil Transport Aircraft Optimised for Flight Below Contrail Altitude.” (2011)
  • “Development of a Novel Closure Mechanism for Aerodynamic Flow Control Devices.” (2012)

Undergraduate student research projects supervision

  • “Evaluation of Flow Control Systems Applied to Novel Aircraft Configurations.”
  • “Modelling the Energy Efficiency of a Synthetic Jet Actuator using Simscape.”
  • “Design and Build of a Smoke Visualisation System for Wind Tunnel Experiments.”
  • “An Investigation into the Use of Leading Edge Devices to Control Flow Separation.”
  • “Design and Simulation of a Gurney Flap System for Helicopter Rotor Blade Control.”
  • “Investigation of Passive Aerodynamic Flow Control Techniques to Enhance the Skyranger Microlight Stall Characteristics.”


James May’s Toy Stories: Flight Club

I led a team of student aerospace engineers from Brunel in the design, build and test of an unmanned model glider. Responsibilities included wing redesign for improved aerodynamic performance, wind tunnel testing and construction of glider wings and empennage. The glider set a new British distance record of 22 miles for longest free flight achieved by a scale-model, unpowered aircraft.


Journal Papers

(2014)  Jabbal, M.  and Tomasso, V. , Sensitivity analysis of active flow control systems: operating parameters and configuration design, Journal of Aircraft: devoted to aeronautical science and technology 51 (1)  : 330- 335 Download publication

(2013)  Mwenegoha, H.  and Jabbal, M. , Investigation of passive flow control techniques to enhance the stall characteristics of a microlight aircraft, International Journal of Flow Control 5 (3&4)  : 215- 242

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(2011)  Jabbal, M. , Liddle, S. , Potts, J.  and Crowther, W. , Development of design methodology for a synthetic jet actuator array for flow separation control applications, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering 227 (1)  : 110- 124

(2011)  Crowther, WJ. , Jabbal, M.  and Liddle, SC. , Flow control fallacies: a review of common pitfalls in flow control research, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering 225 (1)  : 1- 11

(2010)  Jabbal, M. , Liddle, SC.  and Crowther, WJ. , Active flow control systems architectures for civil transport aircraft, Journal of Aircraft 47 (6)  : 1966- 1981 Download publication

(2010)  Jabbal, M.  and Zhong, S. , Particle image velocimetry measurements of the interaction of synthetic jets with a zero pressure gradient laminar boundary layer, Physics of Fluids 22063603 Download publication

(2009)  Liddle, SC. , Jabbal, M.  and Crowther, WJ. , Systems and certification issues for civil transport aircraft flow control systems, The Aeronautical Journal 1147 (113)  : 575- 586 Download publication

(2008)  Jabbal, M.  and Zhong, S. , The near wall effect of synthetic jets in a boundary layer, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 19 (1)  : 119- 130 Download publication

(2007)  Zhong, S. , Jabbal, M. , Tang, H. , Garcillan, L. , et al. , Towards the design of synthetic-jet actuators for full-scale flight conditions. Part 1: the fluid mechanics of synthetic-jet actuators, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion 78 283- 307

(2007)  Tang, H. , Zhong, S. , Jabbal, M. , Garcillan, L. , et al. , Towards the design of synthetic-jet actuators for full-scale flight conditions. Part 2: low-dimensional performance prediction models and actuator design method, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion 78 309- 329

(2006)  Jabbal, M. , Wu, J.  and Zhong, S. , The performance of round synthetic jets in quiescent flow, The Aeronautical Journal 110 (1108)  : 385- 393 Download publication

Book Chapters

(2008)  Jabbal, M.  and Zhong, S. , Measurements of synthetic jets in a boundary layer. In: Morrison, JF. , Birch, DM.  and Lavoie, P.  eds. IUTAM Symposium on Flow Control and MEMS. Springer Verlag (7, Part 2)  : 119- 125

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