Academic Staff

Research: * Entered in the REF 2014.

Grants (last 4 only)

“Ageing in a foreign land: Sense of belonging and diasporic imaginary among Indian elders in India and the UK” (£15,000: Athena Swan Award) (Principal Investigator)

Resilience building using technology assisted learning” (£6,333). Internal Funding by Brunel Education Enhancement Committee (BEEC), Brunel University London

(Principal investigator with Dr Elizabeth McKay and Dr Sandra Naylor)

“A new form of emotional labour? Cultural immersion in Indian call centres”. External funding by Richard Benjamin Memorial Trust (£9,981, Grant Code RBT110).

(Principal Investigator).

“Stigma and social care: Examining why BME elders under-utilize formal services”. (£365,000, Unsuccessful). National Institute for Health Research. (Co-Investigator with Professor Christina Victor).

Name and Title Phone Email Office
Dr Abdul Chaudhary
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry
+44 (0)1895 266112 Email Dr Abdul Chaudhary Halsbury Building 129
Dr Lesley Henderson
Senior Lecturer in Sociology & Communications
+44 (0)1895 265459 Email Dr Lesley Henderson Marie Jahoda Room 144
Professor Susan Jobling
Director of the Institute for the Environment, Health and Societies / Professor in Ecotoxicology
+44 (0)1895 266284 Email Professor Susan Jobling Halsbury Building 144
Professor Rakesh Kanda
Professor in Exposome Science
+44 (0)1895 267803 Email Professor Rakesh Kanda Halsbury Building 130
Dr Stephen Kershaw
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geosciences
+44 (0)1895 266094 Email Dr Stephen Kershaw Halsbury Building 135
Dr Cherry Kilbride
Senior Lecturer and Department Director (Research)
+44 (0)1895 268675 Email Dr Cherry Kilbride Mary Seacole Building 3/43
Professor Andreas Kortenkamp
Professor in Human Toxicology
+44 (0)1895 266525 Email Professor Andreas Kortenkamp Halsbury Building 124
Professor Suzanne Leroy
Professor in Geography and Earth Sciences
+44 (0)1895 266087 Email Professor Suzanne Leroy Halsbury Building 127
Dr Ben Chi-pun Liu
Lecturer / Admissions Tutor BA Social Work
+44 (0)1895 268818 Email Dr Ben Chi-pun Liu Mary Seacole Building 3/18
Dr Jesús Ojeda
Lecturer in Surface Science
+44 (0)1895 267645 Email Dr Jesús Ojeda Bragg Building NS3
Dr Sweta Rajan-Rankin
Lecturer in Social Policy
+44(0)18952 68784 Email Dr Sweta Rajan-Rankin Mary Seacole Building, Room 301
Dr Edwin Routledge
Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Ecotoxicology
+44 (0)1895 266299 Email Dr Edwin Routledge Halsbury Building 148
Dr Andrew Russell
Lecturer in Climate Change
+44 (0) 1895 267303 Email Dr Andrew Russell Halsbury Building 131
Dr Jennifer Ryan
+44 (0)1895 268702 Email Dr Jennifer Ryan Mary Seacole Building 3/41
Dr Mark Scrimshaw
Reader in Environmental Chemistry
+44 (0)1895 267299 Email Dr Mark Scrimshaw Halsbury Building 134
Dr Elisabete Silva
Lecturer in Human Toxicology
+44 (0)1895 265330 Email Dr Elisabete Silva Halsbury Building 125
Dr Charles Simpson
Lecturer in Health Policy
+44 (0)1895 265104 Email Dr Charles Simpson Mary Seacole Building Room 112
Dr Mary Pat Sullivan
Senior Lecturer and Division Lead Social Work
+44 (0)1895 268846 Email Dr Mary Pat Sullivan Mary Seacole Building 3/13
Professor John Sumpter
Professor in Ecotoxicology
+44 (0)1895 266303 Email Professor John Sumpter Halsbury Building 128
Dr Allan Tucker
Senior Lecturer
+44 (0)1895 266933 Email Dr Allan Tucker St John's 128h
Dr Ariana Zeka
Lecturer in Epidemiology and Public Health
+44 (0)1895 267359 Email Dr Ariana Zeka

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