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Guglielmo Maria Caporale



Guglielmo Maria Caporale is Professor of Economics and Finance and Director of the Centre for Empirical Finance at Brunel University, London. He is also a Visiting Professor at London South Bank University and London Metropolitan University, a Research Professor at DIW Berlin, a CESifo Research Network Fellow, an NCID (Navarra Center for International Development) Non-Resident Fellow and an Associate Researcher at the International Laboratory of Financial Economics (LFE), International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF), Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow. Prior to taking up his current position, he was a Research Officer at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research in London; a Research Fellow and then a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Forecasting at the London Business School; Professor of Economics at the University of East London; Professor of Economics and Finance as well as Director of the Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics at London South Bank University.


  • Phd Economics (LSE)
  • MSc Economics (LSE)
  • Laurea (Politics, LUISS, Rome)

Research area(s)

  • International finance
  • Monetary and financial economics
  • Macroeconomics and econometrics

Membership and affiliation

  • Research Professor, DIW Berlin
  • CESifo Research Network Fellow
  • Visiting Professor, London Metropolitan University
  • Visiting Professor, London South Bank University
  • Committee Member, Money Macro and Finance Research Group (MMF)
  • Non-Resident Fellow, NCID (Navarra Center for International Development)
  • Associate Researcher, International Laboratory of Financial Economics (LFE), International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF), Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow


Research interests

My research focuses mainly on international financial markets and monetary policy. It uses cutting-edge econometrics to analyse issues with crucial business/policy implications. It also aims to make methodological contributions to econometric modelling.

Research project(s) and grant(s)

Seventh EU Framework Programme, Marie Curie Actions
The Political Economy of Youth Unemployment
January 2012 - December 2015
G. Caporale (CI)

Modelling long-run trends and cycles in financial time series data

Price discovery and trade fragmentation in a multi-market environment

Fiscal spillovers in the euro area



Fiscal shocks and real exchange rate dynamics

Inflation and inflation uncertainty in the euro area

Bank ratings

Quoted spreads and trade imbalance dynamics in the European Treasury bond market

Black market and official exchange rates: long-run equilibrium and short-run dynamics




Undergraduate Programmes

Module contributor

  • Financial Engineering (Yr 3)

Postgraduate Programmes

Module convenor

  • International Finance
  • Topics in International Finance


  • QAA Convenor, Director of the Centre for Empirical Finance

Research supervision

Massimo Sbracia: Real Effects of Exchange Rates; June 2011 -

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Caporale, GM. , Costamagna, R.  and Rossini, G.   (2017)   'Competitive Devaluations in Commodity-Based Economies: Colombia and the Pacific Alliance Group'. Review of Development EconomicsDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Cerrato, M.  and Zhang, X.   (2017)   'Analysing the Determinants of Insolvency Risk For General Insurance Firms in the UK'. Journal of Banking and FinanceDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Gil-Alana, L.  and You, K.   (2017)   'Exchange rate linkages between the ASEAN currencies, the US dollar and the Chinese RMB'. Research in International Business and FinanceDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Lodh, S.  and Nandy, M.   (2017)   'The performance of banks in the MENA region during the global financial crisis'. Research in International Business and FinanceDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Carcel, H.  and Gil-Alana, L.   (2017)   'The EMBI in Latin America: Fractional integration, non-linearities and breaks'. Finance Research LettersDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Carcel, H.  and Gil-Alana, L.   (2017)   'Central bank policy rates: are they cointegrated?'. International EconomicsDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Cunado, J. , Gil-Alana, L.  and Gupta, R.   (2017)   'The relationship between healthcare expenditure and disposable personal income in the US states: a fractional integration and cointegration analysis'. Empirical EconomicsDownload publication 

Caporale, GM.  and Gil-Alana, L.   (2017)   'Persistence and cycles in the US Federal Funds rate'. International Review of Financial AnalysisDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Menla Ali, F. , Spagnolo, F.  and Spagnolo, N.   (2017)   'International portfolio flows and exchange rate volatility in emerging Asian markets'. Journal of International Money and FinanceDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Spagnolo, F.  and Spagnolo, N.   (2017)   'Macro News and Bond Yield Spreads in the Euro Area'. European Journal of FinanceDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Spagnolo, F.  and Spagnolo, N.   (2017)   'Macro News and Commodity Returns'. International Journal of Finance and EconomicsDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Spagnolo, F.  and Spagnolo, N.   (2017)   'Macro News and Exchange Rates in the BRICS'. Finance Research LettersDownload publication 

Agnello, L. , Caporale, GM.  and Sousa, R.   (2017)   'How Do Fiscal Consolidation and Fiscal Stimuli Impact On The Synchronization of Business Cycles?'. Bulletin of Economic ResearchDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Spagnolo, F.  and Spagnolo, N.   (2016)   'Macro news and stock returns in the euro area: a VAR-GARCH-in-mean analysis'. International Review of Financial Analysis, 45 pp. 180 - 188. Download publication 

Al-Maadid, A. , Caporale, GM. , Spagnolo, F.  and Spagnolo, N.   (2016)   'Spillovers Between Food and Energy Prices and Structural Breaks'. International EconomicsDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Gil-Alana, LA.  and Orlando, CJ.   (2016)   'Linkages between the US and European stock markets: a fractional cointegration approach'. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 21 (2).  pp. 143 - 153. 

Babalos, V. , Caporale, GM.  and Philippas, N.   (2016)   'Gender, style diversity and their effect on fund performance'. Research in International Business and Finance, 35 pp. 57 - 74. Download publication 

Caporale, GM.  and Sousa, RM.   (2016)   'Consumption, Wealth, Stock and Housing Returns: Evidence from Emerging Markets'. Research in International Business and FinanceDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Sousa, RM.  and Wohar, ME.   (2016)   'Can the Consumption-Wealth Ratio Predict Housing Returns? Evidence from OECD Countries'. Real Estate EconomicsDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Rault, C. , Sova, A.  and Sova, R.   (2015)   'Financial development and economic growth: evidence from ten new European Union members'. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 20 pp. 48 - 60. Download publication 

Caporale, GM. , Menla Ali, F.  and Spagnolo, N.   (2015)   'Oil price uncertainty and sectoral stock returns in China: A time-varying approach'. China Economic Review. doi: 10.1016/j.chieco.2014.09.008 Download publication 

Caporale, GM. , Sova, A.  and Sova, R.   (2015)   'Trade Flows and Trade Specialisation: The Case of China'. China Economic Review (Amsterdam)Download publication 

Caporale, GM. , Menla Ali, F.  and Spagnolo, N.   (2015)   'Exchange rate uncertainty and international portfolio flows: A multivariate GARCH-in-mean approach'. Journal of International Money and FinanceDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Donadelli, M.  and Varani, A.   (2015)   'International capital markets structure, preferences and puzzles in a "US-China world"'. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and MoneyDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , Gil-Alana, LA. , Plastun, A.  and Makarenko, I.   (2015)   'Intraday anomalies and market efficiency: A trading robot analysis'. Computational EconomicsDownload publication 

Caporale, GM. , De Santis, R.  and Girardi, A.   (2015)   'Trade intensity and output synchronisation: on the endogeneity properties of EMU'. Journal of Financial Stability, 16 pp. 154 - 163. Download publication 

Caporale, GM. , Di Colli, S.  and Lopez, JS.   (2014)   'Bank lending procyclicality and credit quality during financial crises'. Economic Modelling, 43 pp. 142 - 157. doi: 10.1016/j.econmod.2014.07.031 Download publication 

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