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Facebook status updates reveal low self-esteem and narcissism

People who post Facebook status updates about their romantic partner are more likely to have low self-esteem, while those who brag about diets, exercise, and accomplishments are typically narcissists, according to new research.

Award-winning choreographer to take part in unique experiment

Celebrated choreographer Matthias Sperling will take part in a unique project to help understand audience responses to dance.

“Glass half empty” people could face a lonelier old age

People who see old age as a time of loneliness or expect to be lonely in old age are two to three times more likely to feel alone in later life.

Hacked Kinect controller game changer for Parkinson’s

Scientists at Brunel University London have developed a system for Parkinson’s sufferers to counter two of the most common and distressing symptoms of the degenerative disease.

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