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Research confirms listening to music during surgery reduces pain and anxiety

Brunel scientist Dr Catherine Meads has proved that listening to music before, during and after surgery reduces people’s pain, anxiety and need for painkillers – according to the most comprehensive review of available evidence so far, published today in The Lancet.

Common mineral could hold key to improving poor soil

Brunel academic Dr Jesus Ojeda was part of a team led by Durham’s Dr Karen Johnson who have shown a new way of improving soil health, especially in previously developed brownfield sites.

To do so the amount of carbon in the soil, preferably in a stable form needs to be boosted. This research published in Nature Commmunications looked at whether manganese oxide, which is a naturally occurring mineral, can be used to turn carbon from its unstable to stable form in soil and therefore improve its health.

Cost-saving ultrasound degassing now possible in continuous processing of aluminium melt

Project lead Professor Dmitry Eskin of the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology explains:  “The most common current method, argon rotary degassing, is energy intensive, involves rotating brittle parts and expensive argon gas.

“Having proved that ultrasound is cheaper, greener and just as efficient we wanted to look at achieving a continuous process that would allow us to apply degassing to much larger melt volumes and upstream from the casting mould.

Global taskforce calls for research into everyday chemicals that may cause cancer

Fifty chemicals the public is exposed to on a daily basis may trigger cancer when combined, according to new research.

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