Brunel Institute of Power Systems (BIPS)


The group has a record of international excellence in research and development of advanced computational tools (software and hardware) for the analysis, control, operation, management and design of the electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems.

Latest Events

  • February 25, 2016: Institute of Energy Futures hosted an Industry Engagement Day in the Hamilton Centre, Brunel University, UK
  • December 14-15, 2015: EPSRC-NSFC Smart Grid Final Project Meeting, Brunel University, UK
  • December 2, 2015: Guest Lecture "HVDC onshore and offshore developments.  A super grid for Europe?" Speaker: Dr Dirk van Hertem from University of Leuven
  • October 22-23, 2015: 2nd CIM Workshop, Brunel University, UK
  • October 6 2015: Brunel Research Institutes Inaugural Annual Conference.  A showcase of research projects and the impact on society. Brunel University, UK
  • October 14-15 2014: UK CIM Workshop with National Grid and UK DNOs, Brunel University, UK  
  • July 27-31, 2014: SDWG Panel Session: "Advances in State Estimation for Distribution Networks (Parts 1 & 2)", IEEE PES General Meeting, Washington DC, Chair: Professor Gary Taylor
  • July 14-17, 2014: EPSRC-NSFC Smart Grid Workshop, Tsinghua University and CEPRI, Beijing
  • June 17-20 2014: CIM Users Group Spring Meeting "EU Network Codes: Meeting the Transmission and Distribution Challenge Using the CIM", Oslo 
  • February 4, 2014: Inaugural Lecture: "The global energy crisis – future scenarios and solutions", Speaker: Professor Gary Taylor
  • December 2, 2013: Willis Resilience Expedition, Climate Change Debate (starts at 5 minutes, 30 seconds): "Are some nations greener than others?" Prof. Gareth Taylor, Professor in Power Systems, Brunel University, Dr. Benny R. Peiser, Director, Global Warming Policy Foundation, Prof. Mark Maslin, Professor of Climatology, University College London, Ilmi Granoff, Senior Research Fellow, Oversees Development Institute
  • July 14-20, 2013: EPSRC-NSFC Smart Grid Workshop, Brunel University, UK
  • October 19, 2012: Guest Lectures, Lecture 1: "Post Fukushima: are our new nuclear reactors fit for purpose?" Speaker: Dr Feroze Duggan, Independent Oil and Energy Professional
  • October 19, 2012: Guest Lectures, Lecture 2: "Some life cycle features of sustainable nuclear" (uranium 2-4x102y, thorium ~6-12x102y, fusion ~ 104- 106y) electricity generation from raw materials to wastes sent to geological (~600m deep) repository costing £20b undiscounted for 100y new & legacy wastes". Speaker: Dr Feroze Duggan, Independent Oil and Energy Professional
  • October 19, 2012: Guest Lectures, Lecture 3: "A Proposal to Stabalise the National Grid's System Frequency using Energy Storage to Counteract the Challenges Posed by New Nuclear Power Stations and Increased Intermittency from Wind Power", Speaker: Dr Dominic Banham-Hall Senior Power Systems Engineer at GE Power Conversion
  • October 15-17, 2012: Panel Session, Novel State Estimation for Smart Distribution and Transmission Network Operation IEEE ISGT 2012, Berlin, Chair: Prof Malcolm Irving, BIPS
  • September 4 - 7, 2012 International Universities Power Engineering Conference UPEC 2012, Brunel University, London, Chair: Dr Gareth Taylor, BIPS
  • September 4, 2012: Smart Grid Plenary Session, International Universities Power Engineering Conference UPEC 2012, Brunel University, London, Chair: Dr Gareth Taylor, BIPS
  • July 23-26, 2012: Panel Session, Future ICT Infrastructures for Smart Distribution Grids, IEEE PES GM, San Diego, Chair: Dr Gareth Taylor
  • June 27-28, 2012: European Demand Response & Dynamic Pricing Conference, London, Day 2, Chair: Dr Gareth Taylor
  • June 17-21, 2012: 11th Edition of WEC Central & Eastern Europe Energy Forum - FOREN 2012, "National and Regional Energy Policies and Strategies. The Security of Supply" , Neptun-Olimp, Romania. Technical Committee Member: Dr Ioana Pisica
  • May 15-19, 2012: Panel Session, Utility Project Stories - National Grid UK/Brunel University Talk, CIM users group meeting, London "CIM Implementation and Application to Support the European Smart Grid" Speaker: Dr Gareth Taylor, BIPS
  • July 12, 2011: Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum Keynote Seminar - Next steps for smart grid development, "Prospects for a European Supergrid", Speaker: Dr Gareth Taylor
  • January 19-21, 2011: Synergistic Supergrid for Transmitting Energy Overseas 2011, "Short-term Inter-operational Planning & Control of Inerconnected Transmission Systems", Speaker: Dr Gareth Taylor
  • December 9, 2010: Novel ICT Solutions for Smart Grids - Digital Communications and Energy Generation and Supply KTN supported 1 day event involving researchers engaged in energy and ICT solutions R&D
  • December 5, 2008: Seminar: "Developments in Wind Turbine Technology"; Speaker: Prof Leon Freris BSc, MSc, PhD, DIC, Visiting Professor, Loughborough Univeristy; Abstract & Biography
  • November 11, 2008: Seminar: "State Esitmation and Contingency Analysis for Extreme Operational Issues"; Speaker: Prof Neoll Schulz, TVA Endowed Professor in Power Systems Engineering Mississippi State University, Mississippi, USA; Abstract & Biography
  • October 16, 2008: Seminar, "The Third Industrial Revolution: Tomorrow's Electricity Grids"; Speaker: John Scott, Direcot, Network Innovation, KEMA Ltd, UK; Abstract & Biography
  • August 8, 2008: Seminar, "Functional Overview of Software Tools for Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Analysis"; Speaker: Mick Barlow, Siemens, UK; Abstract & Biography
  • August 8, 2008: Seminar: "Power Quality and Renewable Energy"; Speaker: Dr Ahmed Zobaa, University of Exeter, UK; Abstract & Biography
  • September 19, 2007: MIDERCON 2007 - IET and Industry supported 1 day conference on Microgrids & Distributed Energy Resources

 Latest News

  • 09/June/2015: Ronak Rabbani awarded best poster prize at the HubNet event
  • 01/May/2015: Dr Barry Rawn was appointed as Lecturer in Power Systems
  • 01/Aug/2014: the Smart Power Networks theme was formed as part of the new Institute of Energy Futures
  • 27/June/2014: Shadi Kerahroudi awarded the third prize for her extended abstract in the ResCon14 competition
  • 15/Mar/2014: BIPS awarded British Council Global Innovation Initiative, 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2016, £134.6K, Design and Development of International Electricity Highway Systems 
  • 10/Mar/2014: Dr Ioana Pisica was appointed as Lecturer in Power Systems
  • 19/Dec/2013: Nigel Hargreaves was awarded his Doctorate at Brunel's Graduation Ceremony held at Central Hall, Westminster.
  • 01/Oct/2013: Congratulations to Professor Gareth Taylor who was promoted to chair with effect from October 2013 following recommendations to Council by the Committee for Academic Staff Promotions (CASP).
  • 01/Aug/2013: Dr Ahmed Zobaa replaces Professor Gareth Taylor as the Course Director for the MSc course in Sustainable Electrical Power (SEP)
  • 1/Mar/2013: A 3 year EPSRC-NSFC project awarded to Brunel, Tsinghua and Sichuan Univesities, Project title: Developing Scalable Smart Grid Infrastructure to Enable Secure Transmission System Control. Principal Investigator: Dr Gareth Taylor
  • 1/Oct/2012: Professor Haifeng Wang joins BIPS from Queens Universtiy Belfast as a Professor in Power Systems
  • 1/Sept/2012: A 3 year FP7 Energy award started September 2012. Project title: Modular Development Plan of the Pan-European Transmission System 2050 e-Highways2050. Principal Investigator: Dr Gareth Taylor
  • 1/Oct/2011: A 2 year UKERC inter-disciplinary collaborative award to five UK Universities including BIPS, Brunel. Started October 2011. Project Title: Scenario for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK. Principal Investigator: Dr Gary Taylor
  • 20/July/2011: Dr Peter Macfie successfully completes his National Grid sponsored Engineering Doctorate and is awarded the VC Doctoral Research Prize at the 2011 Brunel Graduation Ceremony
  • 4/Jan/2011: Dr Michael Theodoridis joins BIPS as a new Lecturer in Power Systems
  • 1/Oct/2010: A three year EPSRC interdisciplinary collaborative award to University of Oxford and BIPS started October 2010. Project Title: Advanced Dynamic Energy Pricing and Tariffs (ADEPT). Principal Investigator: Dr Gary Taylor
  • 1/June/2010: Congratulations to Dr Gary Taylor on his recent promotion to Reader in Power Systems at BIPS
  • 1/June/2010: Dr Ahmed Zobaa joins BIPS from the University of Exeter as a Senior Lecturer in Power Systems
  • 1/Feb/2010: A three year FP7 Energy & ICT award started February 2010. Project Title:High Performance Computing for Smart Distribution Network Operation (HiPerDNO). Coordinator: Dr Gary Taylor
  • 24/Sept/2009: Dr Gary Taylor was an invited speaker at the IET event -Smart homes - efficient energy management through smart metering, 24 September 2009
  • 18/Sept/2009: A one year Leverhulme Trust Visiting Fellowship award started September 2009. Project Title: Development of Flexible Systems to Accommodate Large-Scale Deployment of Renewable Energy Systems in Electrical Power Distribution Networks. Principal Investigator: Dr Gary Taylor
  • 1-4/Sept/2009: ERA Sponsored UPEC 2009 best presentation awarded to Mr Dominic Banham-Hall, BIPS EngD student at Converteam Ltd
  • 19/Nov/2008: Dr Gary Taylor was an invited speaker at the London Technology Network event - Renewable Energy & Energy-efficient Technologies - Powering innovation, 19 November 2008
  • 16/Oct/2008: Prof Xi-Fan Wang, Prof Yong-Hua Song and Prof Malcolm Irving have recently written a new text book entitled "Modern Power System Analysis", Springer, 2008
  • 2/June/2008: Dr Hai-Bin Wan joins Brunel University from National Grid as a Senior Lecturer in Power Systems
  • 22/Oct/2007: Congratulations to Dr Mohamed Darwish on his recent promotion to Senior Lecturer in Power Electronics at BIPS
  • 4-6/Sept/2007: ERA Sponsored UPEC 2007 best paper awarded to Dr Sunetra Chowdhury, Royal Society India Fellowship at BIPS
  • 30/Mar/2007: A one year Royal Society India Fellowship award started November 2006. Project Title: Integration of Distributed Energy Resources: An Evolutionary Power Scenario. Principal Investigator: Dr Gary Taylor
  • 01/Jan/2007: Prof Yong-Hua Song has joined the University of Liverpool, UK as PVC and President of the new Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. BIPS wishes Prof Yong-Hua Song every success in this exciting new venture
  • 26/Sept/2006:A new master programme, MSc Sustainable Electrical Power, started with 20 students in September 2006
  • 18/Mar/2006: Prof Irving and Prof Song have recently guest-edited a special issue on "Optimization for the Deregulated Power Industry"


  • Power systems analysis for transmission and distribution networks
  • Novel ICT Solutions for Smart Grids
  • Congestion and condition monitoring in electrical power networks
  • Design and analysis of power electronics for sustainable electrical power systems
  • Analysis of new energy markets


Research Aims and Strategies:

The commercial and industrial research clients of the group, particularly the electricity supply industry, will continue to undergo dynamic change in the coming years. This is a consequence of de-regulation, changing priorities on energy sources and the emission of pollutants, and the world-wide introduction of new market regimes. The group aims to continue to provide technological solutions at the forefront of research in these areas. Current research funding has been obtained approximately one third from UK government sources (EPSRC) and two thirds from UK and international industry.

Research themes and description of activities:

Power systems analysis for transmission and distribution networks, including steady-state and dynamic analysis, linear and non-linear operation. Investigation of algorithms for congestion monitoring in transmission networks. Simulation and analysis of new energy markets. Portfolio and strategy optimisation taking into account risk and uncertainty. Optimisation of the design and operation of electrical networks. Modelling and optimal control of FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems). Condition monitoring of power station and power system plant. Development of advanced mathematical models of underground electric cables.

Research Data:

  • Total Grant Income: more than £3M over last 5 years
  • Number of Projects: over 10
  • Number of Refereed Journal Papers: over 300
  • Number of Refereed Conference Papers (and Book Chapters): over 500
  • Number of Research Students:
    Current: PhD 35, over 50 PhD awarded (2003-2016),  EngD awarded 1 (2006), MPhil awarded 25 (2003-2007)
  • RAs and RFs: 5
  • National and International Collaborations:
    University of Oxford, Tsing Hua University, China; University of Plzen, Czech Republic; Polytechnica University Bucharest, Romania; University of Santa Caterina, Brazil, Sichuan University, China; Oklahoma University, USA; Offis, Germany; Fraunhofer, Germany;
  • Key Industrial Collaborators: National Grid UK, EDF Energy, UK Power Networks, ALSTOM, GE Power Conversion, Nortech, Intel

Research Impact:

Computer models and optimisation algorithms produced by the group have been implemented in over 35 utility companies, in 7 countries.  New algorithms resulting from the research, and described in publications, have taken up and further developed by many researchers, internationally.

Inter- Multi- and Cross-disciplinary Aspects:

The research of the group draws on the disciplines of electrical power engineering, control engineering, optimisation theory, computational algorithms and methods and information technology.  Much of the research is multi-disciplinary, with individual research projects requiring skills in two or more disciplines.

Future Plans and Developments:

The group plans to maintain and extend its international collaborations.  It is intended to foster partnerships within the group and collaboration with other groups.  In particular, research on novel heuristic optimisation techniques should have benefits for many of the technological applications areas of interest to the group.  Energy utilities continue to undergo rapid technological change as a consequence of international de-regulation and the increasing importance of alternative and renewable sources.  The research group intends to respond to evolving research requirements in these fields and also (where possible) to anticipate future needs, for example producing novel algorithms for the operation of power systems as energy markets, incorporating risk management under technical and financial uncertainties.


Research Area

Power Systems Analysis and Control

Research activity is centred upon extensive computer facilities for simulating the dynamic behaviour, control and monitoring of power systems, within a control room environment which can be configured to reflect either current or future planned operational procedures. Considerable use is made of artificial intelligence techniques for condition monitoring, network planning and optimised operation.

Research topics include continuing studies on state estimation/bad data analysis, load flow analysis, load-frequency control, economic allocation of generation, unit scheduling arid integrating these and other studies within an overall strategy for control and energy management. Aspects of pricing and tariffs are also being investigated. Particular attention has been paid to the man-machine interfacing requirements for operating large modern interconnected power systems via computer terminals, and systems are under development for new and efficient ways of displaying topological and dynamic network data.

Power Market and Power System Economics

World-wide unprecedented reform and restructuring of the electric power industry has imposed tremendous challenges on the operation of power systems under this new environment. The group has a record of international excellence in research and development of advanced computational tools for efficiently operating market-oriented power systems. Recent research covers all the major operational issues, such as scheduling and dispatch, congestion management, available transfer capability calculation, price forecasting and optimal bidding strategies. Advanced optimization techniques including genetic algorithms, ant colony search and particle swarm methods have been successfully applied.

Power Electronics

The main field of investigation is the efficient regulation and control of power and energy flow in systems incorporating electric circuits, machines and systems using power semiconductor. switching devices. A major investigation over the past decade has been in the area of active filters for improving power quality and reactive control in electrical networks. With the tremendous growth in the use of computers on industrial sites and commercial buildings, there is growing concern about their impact on power quality.

A major initiative funded by industry and government agencies is under way to build active filters for controlling current harmonics based on the switched-capacitor technique pioneered at Brunel. The application of this technique to flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) for reactive power and stability control in power distribution and transmission systems is under investigation.

Other important areas of study include switched-mode and resonant power supplies, and application of DSPs, neural networks and fuzzy logic in power electronics systems.

PhD programmes

Biomedical Engineering PhD

Electronic and Computer Engineering Integrated PhD

Electronic and Computer Engineering PhD

Smart Power Networks PhD



On-going Projects:

Completed Projects:

  • e-Highway2050, EU-IP, 2012, £8.2M, Modular Development Plan of the Pan-European Transmission System 2050
  • ADEPT, EPSRC, 2011, £303,898 Advanced Dynamic Energy Pricing and Tariffs
  • Scenario for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK, UKERC, 2011, £500K, a 2 year inter-disciplinary collaborative award to five UK Universities including BIPS, Brunel
  • HiPerDNO, EU-STREP, 2010, £5.4M, High Performance Computing Technologies for Smart Distribution Network Operation
  • GRIDCC, EU-STREP, 2005, £240k, Real-time grid-computing application.
  • High Performance Computing for Network Applications, HEFCE, SRIF award, 2003, £345k.
  • Integrated Algorithmic and Heuristic Techniques for Transition-Optimised Voltage and Reactive Power Control, EPSRC, 2001-2004, £128k.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, NGC, 2000-2003, £148k, dynamic scheduling of reactive power and network voltages.
  • Object Oriented Power System Analysis, EPSRC, 1995-1999, £142k, introduction of object-oriented techniques into power system database and analysis systems.
  • NETMAT (Network Modelling Assistant) - An Expert System for Grid Modelling, Nuclear Electric, 1993-96, £108k.
  • Multi-Processor Implementation of State Estimation Algorithms for Power Systems, SERC, 1991-1994, £143k, parallel processing algorithms for network state estimation.
  • Electrical Power System Dynamic Analysis Using a High Performance Parallel Computation and Graphics System, SERC, 1990, £225k, provision of parallel processing hardware.
  • ESAP (Electrical Sales Analysis Program), MANWEB, 1991-1994, £136k, computer aided analysis of purchases and sales of electricity, taking into account electrical energy losses and weather effects.
  • INSIGHT (Interactive Network Simulation Incorporating Graphical and Heuristic Techniques), Northern Electric / NORWEB / Yorkshire Electricity, 1991-2001, £887k, dynamic analysis and optimisation of electrical distribution networks.
  • Combined Active and Reactive Despatch, NGC, 1990-92, £130k, constrained optimisation of generator outputs for operational control and planning purposes.



Research Leaders & Staff

Research Fellows & Assistants

  • Dr Christopher Saunders - Research Fellow (EPSRC-NSFC Smart Grids Project, 2013-2015)
  • Dr Mohsen Mohammadi - Research Fellow (EPSRC-NSFC Smart Grids Project, 2013-2016)
  • Dr Mukhtaj Khan - Research Fellow (EPSRC-NSFC Smart Grids Project, 2015-2016)
  • Dr Zhengwen Huang - Research Fellow (EPSRC-NSFC Smart Grids Project, 2016)
  • Dr Amir Alikhanzadeh - Research Fellow (e-highway 2050, 2012-2015)
  • Mr Yamindhar Bhavanam - Research Associate (e-highway 2050, 2015)
  • Dr Rafael Santodomingo-Berry - Visiting Research Fellow (Offis, 2015-2016)
  • Dr Mohammad Golshani - Visiting Research Fellow (2016)

Administrative Staff

  • Mrs Maureen Senatore - BIPS Administrator

Associated Members

Visiting Professors

  • Prof. M. Bradley (National Grid, UK)
  • Prof. A. Ekwue (SKM Consulting, UK)
  • Dr. A McMorran (Open Grid Systems, UK) 
  • Mr S Mohanram (Bristish Standard Institute - retired) 

Computing Manager

Research Students

Recently Completed EngD Students - Prof. Gareth Taylor

  • Phillip Ashton - National Grid (Awarded July 2014)
  • Dominic Banham-Hall - Converteam Ltd (Awarded May 2012)
  • Peter Macfie - National Grid (Awarded December 2010)

Brunel Industrial Doctorate Scheme (BIDS) Students - Prof. Gareth Taylor

PhD Students

Prof. Gareth Taylor

Dr. Mohamed Darwish

 Dr. Ahmed Zobaa

Dr. Michael Theodoridis

 Dr. Maysam Abbod

  • Saeed Alshahrani
  • Abdulhafid Sallama
  • Iman Zamani

Prof. Maozhen Li

Dr. Ioana Pisica

  • Sima Davarzani
  • Alex Gray

Recently Completed

  • Amir Alikhanzadeh (Awarded August 2013)
  • Nigel Hargreaves - National Grid (Awarded July 2013)
  • Saad Sultan (Awarded May 2013)
  • Mahmoud Arman (Awarded Nov 2011)
  • Maciej Fila - EDF Energy (Awarded December 2010)
  • Mahbube Zeraat Zade (Awarded August 2010)
  • Linlin Hu (Awarded June 2010)
  • Thanathip Sum-Im (Awarded March 2009)
  • Ehab Elwakil (Awarded January 2009)
  • PengCheng Zhu (Awarded December 2008)
  • Fei Song (Awarded March 2008)
  • Luther Kassem (Awarded June 2007)
  • Pichet Sriyanyong (Awarded March 2007)
  • Na Zhao (Awarded August 2006)
  • Rui He (Awarded June 2006)

MPhil Students

  • Yaminidhar Bhavanam (Awarded April 2015)
  • Emad Rasool (Awarded January 2013)
  • Siva Panchadcharam (Awarded March 2012)
  • Chen Wang (Awarded March 2007)
  • Gholamali Shahryari (Awarded January 2007)
  • Lin-lin Hu (Awarded November 2006)
  • Hailong Li (Awarded September 2006)
  • Yunchao Xu (Awarded September 2006)
  • Shuo Chen (Awarded June 2006)
  • Fang Zhang (Awarded May 2006)
  • Chi Ma (Awarded April 2006)
  • Lei Chen (Awarded November 2005)


 Gareth Taylor

Director of Brunel Institute of Power Systems:

Postal Address

Brunel Institute of Power Systems
Electronic and Computer Engineering
School of Engineering and Design,
Brunel University,
Uxbridge, Middlesex,
UB8 3PH, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0) 1895 266 610
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Location in University

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