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Brunel Medical School

Brunel’s Quad North building will be the home of the Medical School - located in the heart of the campus close to all the main student amenities. The newly refurbished 2nd floor will feature state-of-the art learning and teaching facilities including:

  • Two simulated hospital wards
  • Anatomy Centre 
  • Clinical Skills Centre
  • Flexible teaching spaces for Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) suite
  • Multimedia rooms
  • Seminar rooms
  • Social space and breakout zones
  • Dedicated MBBS Student Support office.

The planned completion of the building is 2021.

Hillingdon Sim Centre

We have a fantastic, state-of-the-art simulator suite at the Hillingdon Sim Centre. Here you will enjoy training in a safe environment where mistakes can and will happen.

Sim Centre

Our simulation facility is the closest thing you will get to a real world hospital/patient set-up.  Here you can practice your clinical skills and develop your communication and teamwork skills, all in a highly-pressured environment.

In the laboratory you can simulate many acute medical conditions, typically you'll be given information including a drug chart, patient history, candidate instructions, patient’s background and other relevant data.  You’ll have the opportunity to experience simulated scenarios which will give you valuable experience in preparation for your Foundation/Residency training.  For instance, you will practise emergency procedures like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and learn about the roles of the different professions in a ‘crash call’ as well as learn the holistic approaches to communicating with relatives who may be nearby.

We use a hi-tech audio-visual system whereby events can be recorded and filed for instant playback and review. The system allows two-way communications between participants and observers. The room has three cameras installed and the footage can be displayed on our large computer screens in our de-brief room. Students who are not taking part in the scenario can observe and still take part in the scenario discussions. 

Simulation equipment

Our simulation suite has been designed to replicate a real ward/ hospital environment. To aid this, the facility has various equipment such as:

  • Different manikins – Sim Dad, Sim Mum, Sim Junior and in the near future a neonatal manikin
  • Patient monitor (which connects to the manikin being used and is controlled by the facilitator). Observation equipment such as blood pressure cuff is also provided
  • Drug cupboard
  • Resuscitation trolley 
  • Adult/ paediatric trolleys  (they include cannulas, blood bottles, IV’s, oxygen masks, stethoscope)
  • Telephone (connects through to the control room where a facilitator will either be switchboard or an on-call registrar for example)
  • Live de-fibrillator, which can be used on Sim Man
  • Large computer screen for displaying X-ray images.