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All interviews will be held online

We use a Virtual Multiple Mini Interview (vMMI) format - designed so that candidates engage in a number of short interviews, using a range of different interviewers positioned at 6 stations. Zoom is the application that we use.

How does a vMMI work?

vMMIs are very similar to face-to-face MMIs in terms of content, so you can expect some of the familiar questions to appear. You can also expect to have the same number of question stations. But the actual delivery is different. Instead of you physically moving from station to station, you remain seated and move 'virtually' to different Zoom rooms to answer your questions. 

General advice and guidance

You will need to be skilful regarding the delivery of a vMMI as a slightly different approach is needed. We recommend that you follow these guidelines and do some of your own research in order to be fully prepared.

Practice being interviewed online.  Practice with a friend or family member, record it, and then be honest with yourself and analyse how you performed, and ask your friend/family member to provide feedback on how you came across on video. You will discover it is quite different to speaking to someone face-to-face.

Be yourself. We are looking for more than just someone you can recite information they have rehearsed.  We want to hear from you and understand why you want a career in medicine.


Who can I contact for more information?

Please email our enquiries team medicine.admissions@brunel.ac.uk