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Hub Members

The Hub embraces digital experts from across Brunel and encompasses well established researchers with a peer recognised track record of research achievements.


Research area leaders 

<span class='contactname'>Prof Abdul Hamid Sadka</span>
Prof Abdul Hamid Sadka Email Prof Abdul Hamid Sadka
Director of Brunel Digital Science and Technology Hub, Professor - Electronic and Computer Engineering
<span class='contactname'>Prof Panos Louvieris</span>
Prof Panos Louvieris Email Prof Panos Louvieris
Professor - Information System
<span class='contactname'>Dr Ali Mousavi</span>
Dr Ali Mousavi Email Dr Ali Mousavi
Reader / Department Director for Research



<span class='contactname'>Dr Harry Agius</span>
Dr Harry Agius Email Dr Harry Agius
Senior Lecturer in Computing
<span class='contactname'>Dr Ashraf Ahmed</span>
Dr Ashraf Ahmed Email Dr Ashraf Ahmed
Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering
<span class='contactname'>Prof Hamed Al-Raweshidy</span>
Prof Hamed Al-Raweshidy Email Prof Hamed Al-Raweshidy
Professor - Wireless Networks And Communications Centre
<span class='contactname'>Dr Faris Alwzinani</span>
Dr Faris Alwzinani Email Dr Faris Alwzinani
Associate Lecturer - Computer Science
<span class='contactname'>Prof Marios Angelides</span>
Prof Marios Angelides Email Prof Marios Angelides
Divisional Lead / Professor - Computing
<span class='contactname'>Dr Andrea Capiluppi</span>
Dr Andrea Capiluppi Email Dr Andrea Capiluppi
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Dr Mohamed Darwish</span>
Dr Mohamed Darwish Email Dr Mohamed Darwish
Senior Lecturer in Power Electronics
<span class='contactname'>Dr Mariza Dima</span>
Dr Mariza Dima Email Dr Mariza Dima
Lecturer in Games Design
<span class='contactname'>Dr Xinli Du</span>
Dr Xinli Du Email Dr Xinli Du
Lecturer in Robotics & Autonomous Systems
<span class='contactname'>Dr Lu Gan</span>
Dr Lu Gan Email Dr Lu Gan
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Prof George Ghinea</span>
Prof George Ghinea Email Prof George Ghinea
Professor - Multimedia Computing
<span class='contactname'>Prof David Gilbert</span>
Prof David Gilbert Email Prof David Gilbert
Professor - Computing Microbiology
<span class='contactname'>Dr Derek Groen</span>
Dr Derek Groen Email Dr Derek Groen
Lecturer in Computer Science
<span class='contactname'>Dr Crina Grosan</span>
Dr Crina Grosan Email Dr Crina Grosan
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Prof Kate Hone</span>
Prof Kate Hone Email Prof Kate Hone
Head of Department - Computer Science
<span class='contactname'>Dr Armin Kashefi</span>
Dr Armin Kashefi Email Dr Armin Kashefi
Lecturer in Computer Science
<span class='contactname'>Dr Paul Kyberd</span>
Dr Paul Kyberd Email Dr Paul Kyberd
Senior Lecturer in Particle Physics Informatics
<span class='contactname'>Prof Robert Macredie</span>
Prof Robert Macredie Email Prof Robert Macredie
Professor - Interactive Systems
<span class='contactname'>Dr Kathy McGrath</span>
Dr Kathy McGrath Email Dr Kathy McGrath
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Dr Paul Moody</span>
Dr Paul Moody Email Dr Paul Moody
Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications
<span class='contactname'>Prof Asoke Nandi</span>
Prof Asoke Nandi Email Prof Asoke Nandi
Professor - Electronic & Computer Engineering
<span class='contactname'>Dr Rumyana Neykova</span>
Dr Rumyana Neykova Email Dr Rumyana Neykova
Lecturer in Computer Science
<span class='contactname'>Dr Alessandro Pandini</span>
Dr Alessandro Pandini Email Dr Alessandro Pandini
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
<span class='contactname'>Mr Justin Parsler</span>
Mr Justin Parsler Email Mr Justin Parsler
Associate Dean (QA) - Reader - Games Design
<span class='contactname'>Dr Apostolos Pesyridis</span>
Dr Apostolos Pesyridis Email Dr Apostolos Pesyridis
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Dr Ioana Pisica</span>
Dr Ioana Pisica Email Dr Ioana Pisica
Senior Lecturer in Power Systems
<span class='contactname'>Prof Martin Shepperd</span>
Prof Martin Shepperd Email Prof Martin Shepperd
Professor - Software Tech & Modelling
<span class='contactname'>Dr David Smith</span>
Dr David Smith Email Dr David Smith
Associate Dean - Student Experience
<span class='contactname'>Dr Bin Wang</span>
Dr Bin Wang Email Dr Bin Wang
Vice Dean International - CEDPS
<span class='contactname'>Professor Zidong Wang</span>
Professor Zidong Wang Email Professor Zidong Wang
Professor - Dynamic Systems and Computing
<span class='contactname'>Dr Yanmeng Xu</span>
Dr Yanmeng Xu Email Dr Yanmeng Xu
Senior Lecturer in Mechanics for Design
<span class='contactname'>Dr Jeff Wen</span>
Dr Jeff Wen Email Dr Jeff Wen
Associate Lecturer - Computer Science