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Programme Monitoring and Review

We conduct regular reviews of our programmes and students’ success in achieving the intended learning outcomes. These reviews occur at all levels from individual modules to entire subjects, and are consistent with the expectations outlined in  Part A and Chapter B8 of the UK Quality Code.

Annual Monitoring

Annual Monitoring is a regular evaluation by Colleges of the academic provision offered during the previous academic year. Block reviews are completed and considered by the relevant Board of Studies and Programme reports are completed and considered by the relevant Departmental Management Board. Inter-departmental review of Programmes and Departmental Evaluation reports are undertaken on behalf of the College Education Committee, and the College Annual Monitoring Report is sent to Senate for approval.

Annual Monitoring Procedure (currently under revision)
Annual Monitoring Departmental Evaluation Form (currently under revision)
Annual Monitoring College Form (currently under revision)
Annual Monitoring Inter-Departmental Scrutiny Form (currently under revision)
Annual Monitoring Programme Form (currently under revision)
Annual Monitoring Block Review
Annual Monitoring Placement Learning Modular Block Annual Review
Placement Student Evaluation Form
Academic Lead Annual Partnership Report

Annual Monitoring of Research Degrees Procedure
Annual Monitoring - Research Degrees Inter-Department Scrutiny Form
Annual Monitoring - Research Degrees Collaborative Provision Pro-forma
Annual Monitoring - Research Degrees College Report Pro-forma
Annual Monitoring - Research Degrees Departmental Report Pro-forma

Annual Monitoring Procedure Affiliate College
Annual Monitoring Block Review Affiliate College
Annual Monitoring Programme Affiliate College
Annual Monitoring Evaluation Report Affiliate College 

Regulatory Audit

This reviews the implementation of the University's policies, processes and practices and makes recommendations for enhancement where appropriate.

Periodic Programme Review (PPR)

Programme validity and relevance is essential to maintaining exceptional academic provision. To ensure our programmes continue to meet the high standards outlined in Part A of the UK Quality Code, periodic reviews of a College's entire taught provision occur every 5 years.

Periodic Programme Review Procedure

Strategic Review

The University employs Strategic Review to manage its academic portfolio. This is a business process which informs quality, but it is not a quality assurance process.