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The currency, coherence and academic standards of programmes are monitored within the College, Department Academic Committee and Subject Area Boards of Studies.

Boards of Studies Policy

Document Repository

Current programme information as per programme specifications and module outlines can be found in the Document Repository.

Programme Specifications and Module Outlines (authorised users only)

Programme Design, Development and Approval​

High-quality programme provision is integral to Brunel's ongoing success in producing high calibre graduates. Realising this, the mechanisms utilised in programme design, development and approval ensure it is transparent, robust and consistent with the University's strategic plan and Part A and Chapter B1 of the UK Quality Code.

The following document defines the complete policy for programme design, development and approval and specifies key responsibilities purposes and work flow.

Staff are advised to read the framework below before undertaking any programme design or developments.

Programme Design, Development and Approval Policy Framework
Short Course Approval Policy

A list of Recognised Programme Developers can be found here

Strategic Scrutiny and Approval Stage

All initial proposals for new programmes, pathways and re-approvals, due to changes to programmes or award titles, must gain strategic approval from the University’s Education Strategy Committee. This is to establish the business case for the proposal before any detailed academic design is undertaken and to ensure that any resourcing issues are addressed.

Strategic Approval Form for New Programmes
Strategic Approval Form for Programme Re-Approval

Design Scrutiny, Review and Approval Stage

Strategic scrutiny and approval is followed by detailed development of the proposed programme, which is then scrutinised by either a Full Design Review Panel or a Fast Track Programme Design Review Panel. In accordance with Chapter B1 of the UK Quality Code, this stage of the process involves external scrutiny and expert academic advice. Once final approval is granted by the appropriate body the programme can be marketed and students can be admitted.

External Reviewer - Nomination Form
Assessment Block Outline
Study Block Outline
Modular Block Outline
Guidance for Completing Modular, Study and Assessment Block Outlines 
Undergraduate Programme Specification
Integrated Masters Programme Specification
Postgraduate Programme Specification
Validated Postgraduate Programme Element Specification Pro-forma
Validated Undergraduate Programme Element Specification Pro-forma
Guidance for completing programme specification pro forma
English language requirements
A list of JACS Codes can be found here

Programme Modifications, Suspensions and Withdrawals


Minor amendments to programmes that do not require programme re-approval or amendments to a module/block outline can be approved at Department Academic Committee and/or at Board of Studies. For Guidance please see the Programme Design, Development and Approval Policy Framework or speak to your Quality and Standards Business Partner.

Minor Modification for Approval
Interim Minor Modification Process (post-CMA)

Suspension and withdrawals of programmes

Proposals for the suspension/withdrawals of programmes undergo scrutiny to ensure that all significant risks, including to academic standards and quality of learning opportunities for all students remaining on the programme, are robustly mitigated for. 

Guidance on Programme Suspension and Withdrawal
Programme Suspension or Withdrawal Request Form

Programme Monitoring and Review

We conduct regular reviews of our programmes and students’ success in achieving the intended learning outcomes. These reviews occur at all levels from individual modules to entire subjects, and are consistent with the expectations outlined in Chapters A4 and B8 of the UK Quality Code.

Read more about our programme monitoring and review