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Welcome to our Staff page. We have an excellent team of researchers and supporting staff who are dedicated to research and education. You can browse our profiles using the tabs below.

BCAST Management Team

Professor Zhongyun Fan (Director)


Academic Staff

Name and Title Phone Email Office
Professor Hamid Assadi
Head of Virtual Engineering Centre and Professor of Solidification
01895 268478 Email Professor Hamid Assadi 210 WATS
Dr Hari Babu
01895 265466 Email Dr Hari Babu 207 WATS
Professor Isaac Chang
01895 268491 Email Professor Isaac Chang 213 WATS
Professor Dmitry Eskin
01895 265317 Email Professor Dmitry Eskin 208 WATS
Professor Zhongyun Fan
Director of BCAST
01895 266406 Email Professor Zhongyun Fan 221 WATS
Professor Laszlo Granasy
Professor Associate
Email Professor Laszlo Granasy
Dr Yan Huang
Senior Lecturer
01895 266976 Email Dr Yan Huang 215 WATS
Professor Alain Jacot
Professor of Solidification Research
01895 265358 Email Professor Alain Jacot WATS 209
Dr Shouxun Ji
Senior Lecturer
01895 266663 Email Dr Shouxun Ji 216 WATS
Dr Brian McKay
01895 266409 Email Dr Brian McKay 214 WATS
Dr Chamini Mendis
01895 268502 Email Dr Chamini Mendis 217 WATS
Professor Geoff Scamans
01895 266413 Email Professor Geoff Scamans 206 WATS
Dr Ian Stone
Director of Operations
01895 267826 Email Dr Ian Stone 202 WATS

Research Staff

Name and Title Phone Email Office
Dr Onuh Adole
Research Assistant
01895 265123 Email Dr Onuh Adole HALB111
Dr Kawther Al-Helal
Research Fellow
01895 268525 Email Dr Kawther Al-Helal 101 WATS
Dr Sajjad Amirkhanlou
Research Fellow
01895 268531 Email Dr Sajjad Amirkhanlou 101 WATS
Dr Nilam Barekar
01895 268529 Email Dr Nilam Barekar 101 WATS
Dr Chandra Basak
Research Fellow
01895 268519 Email Dr Chandra Basak 101 WATS
Dr Paula Camean Queijo
Research Fellow
01895 268530 Email Dr Paula Camean Queijo 101 WATS
Professor Alan Dinsdale
Senior Research Fellow
01895 268901 Email Professor Alan Dinsdale 212 WATS
Dr Xixi Dong
Research Fellow
01895 268194 Email Dr Xixi Dong 101 WATS
Dr Xixi Dong
Research Fellow
01895 277468 Email Dr Xixi Dong 101 WATS
Dr Changming Fang
Senior Research Fellow
01895 267688 Email Dr Changming Fang 212 WATS
Dr Arnas Fitzner
Research Fellow
01895 68518 Email Dr Arnas Fitzner 101 WATS
Dr Feng Gao
Research Fellow
01895 267202 Email Dr Feng Gao 101 WATS
Dr Lizz Hinton
Research Fellow
01895 267551 Email Dr Lizz Hinton 101 WATS
Dr Shohreh Khorsand
Research Fellow
01895 268532 Email Dr Shohreh Khorsand 101 WATS
Dr Jaime Lazaro Nebreda
Research Fellow
01895 268523 Email Dr Jaime Lazaro Nebreda 101 WATS
Dr Hu-Tian Li
Research Fellow
01895 268522 Email Dr Hu-Tian Li 101 WATS
Dr Zaidao Li
Research Fellow
01895 268972 Email Dr Zaidao Li WATS 101
Dr Hua Men
Research Fellow
01895 268562 Email Dr Hua Men 101 WATS
Dr Alberto Miranda
Research Fellow
01895 268517 Email Dr Alberto Miranda 101 WATS
Dr Jayesh Patel
Senior Research Fellow
01895 267105 Email Dr Jayesh Patel 211 WATS
Dr Zhongping Que
Research Fellow
01895 268535 Email Dr Zhongping Que 101 WATS
Dr Mehdi Rahimian
Research Fellow
01895 28527 Email Dr Mehdi Rahimian 101 WATS
Dr Georges Salloum-Abou-Jaoude
Research Fellow
01895 267099 Email Dr Georges Salloum-Abou-Jaoude 101 WATS
Dr Yun Wang
Senior Research Fellow
01895 268536 Email Dr Yun Wang 211 WATS
Dr Feng Wang
Research Fellow
01895 268520 Email Dr Feng Wang 101 WATS
Dr Daofen Xu
Visiting Academic
01895 268982 Email Dr Daofen Xu WATS 101
Dr Xinliang Yang
Research Fellow
01895 266408 Email Dr Xinliang Yang 101 WATS
Dr Yijie Zhang
Research Fellow
01895 268538 Email Dr Yijie Zhang 101 WATS
Dr Man Zhu
Visiting Academic
01895 266277 Email Dr Man Zhu WATS 101
Dr Xiangzhen Zhu
Research Fellow
01895 268572 Email Dr Xiangzhen Zhu WATS 101

Research Students

Name and Title Phone Email Office
Mr Umar Amin
PhD Student
01895 268962 Email Mr Umar Amin WATS 101
Mr Ashutosh Bhagurkar
PhD student
01895 68709 Email Mr Ashutosh Bhagurkar 101 WATS
Mr Qing Cai
PhD Student
01895 268963 Email Mr Qing Cai 101 WATS
Mrs Rebecca Davenport
PhD Student
01895 268885 Email Mrs Rebecca Davenport 101 WATS
Mr Edward Djan
PhD student
01895 267205 Email Mr Edward Djan 101 WATS
Miss Jiao Fang
PhD Student
01895 268559 Email Miss Jiao Fang 101 WATS
Mr Tahsin Ali Kassam
PhD Student
Email Mr Tahsin Ali Kassam
Mr Harendra Kumar
PhD Student
Email Mr Harendra Kumar
Mr Guangyu Liu
PhD Student
01895 268521 Email Mr Guangyu Liu 101 WATS
Mr Samuel Lloyd
MPhil student
Email Mr Samuel Lloyd
Mr Andre Oliveira
PhD Student
Email Mr Andre Oliveira
Miss Yi Qiu
PhD Student
01895 267400 Email Miss Yi Qiu 101 WATS
Mr Kilian Schneider
PhD Student
01895 28526 Email Mr Kilian Schneider 101 WATS
Mr Alireza Valizadeh
PhD Student
01895 268178 Email Mr Alireza Valizadeh 101 WATS
Miss Susanna Venditti
PhD Student
01895 268916 Email Miss Susanna Venditti 101 WATS
Mr Shihao Wang
PhD Student
01895 268859 Email Mr Shihao Wang 101 WATS
Mr Yipeng Zhou
PhD student
01895 268537 Email Mr Yipeng Zhou 101 WATS

Support Staff

Name and Title Phone Email Office
Dr Simon Butler
Head of AMCC and AMPC
01895 268561 Email Dr Simon Butler 205 WATS
Mr Stephen Cook
Laboratory Manager
01895 269890 Email Mr Stephen Cook BCAST Lab
Dr Roger Darlington
Director of Technology
01895 267930 Email Dr Roger Darlington 218 WATS
Mr Philip Everett
Assistant to Director
01895 267043 Email Mr Philip Everett 220 WATS
Mr Jon Gadd
Laboratory Technician
01895 266412 Email Mr Jon Gadd BCAST Lab
Mrs Susan Job
01895 268955 Email Mrs Susan Job C201 WATS
Dr Mark Jones
LiME Manager
01895 268880 Email Dr Mark Jones 205 WATS
Mrs Inderjit Kalsi
01895 267933 Email Mrs Inderjit Kalsi C201 WATS
Ms Stephanie Kennedy
Laboratory Technician
01895 269890 Email Ms Stephanie Kennedy BCAST Lab
Mr Peter Lloyd
Laboratory Technician
01895 266412 Email Mr Peter Lloyd BCAST Lab
Mrs Samantha Melvin
Laboratory Technician
01895 266412 Email Mrs Samantha Melvin TOWA007a
Mr Graham Mitchell
Laboratory Technician
01895 266412 Email Mr Graham Mitchell BCAST Lab
Mr Eric Nyberg
Director of Programmes
01895 268886 Email Mr Eric Nyberg 219 WATS
Mr Matthew Ralph
BCAST Manager
01895 267668 Email Mr Matthew Ralph 203 WATS
Mr Philip Saunders
01895 266014 Email Mr Philip Saunders C201 WATS
Miss Lauren Wigmore
LiME Administrator
01895 267703 Email Miss Lauren Wigmore C201 WATS

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