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Design Factory London: How to engage with fans in a post-Covid-19 world

Together with Chelsea FC Foundation, we have been able to offer students the opportunity to take part in a unique virtual entrepreneurial event. Over 100 students signed up to take part and last week were put into groups of five to work on the challenge of “how to engage with fans in a post-covid world”. The multi-disciplinary teams will report their ideas back at our event on Thursday 19 November and compete to win a prize from Chelsea Football Club.

It’s great to offer these unique learning opportunities even in these challenging times. As this is a business challenge, students from different disciplines can work together and use their individual skills from their courses. Students are basing their work on the Design-based learning model offered by our Design Factory London team which focuses on multi-disciplinary learning.

Not only has this project brought together students from different disciplines, but also brings a range of student services who have each dedicated time and skills to making this work. These include Brunel Design School, Brunel Hive (part of Brunel Business School), PDC, Sports Science, Co-Innovate and Design Factory. To make this happen each area has brought their skills and time to the table to make this work.

A special thank you to the following individuals; Gurnam Selvarajah (Co-Innovate), Jonathan Bainbridge (PDC), Michele Kavan (Brunel Business School), Ian Ferris (Design Factory London), Vassil Girginov (Sports Science), Connor Smith (PDC), Simona Janssen (PDC) & Harry Paines (PDC). Without you this would not have happened.