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Cosi Care

Helping a child subside their urge to scratch when suffering with Eczema

One in five children are affected by Eczema. It cannot be cured; the control of the condition depends on successful symptom management. The main frustrating symptom of this condition, which is directly linked to worsening Eczema, is persistent itching and scratching. An important element of the road to a child’s recovery is determined by the success of subsiding the urge to scratch, as damaging the skin’s barrier function triggers the itch-scratch cycle.

Cosi is the first of its kind, combining engaging play with successful itch management. The friendly toy turtle aims to offer a number of cooling and frictional elements that a child can use to cool the surface of their skin as an alternative to scratching. The smooth wooden shell is covered in metal rotational balls that can be used to rub and massage the skin. There are foam arms to sit on when playing with Cosi, with an additional two detachable starfish, which are also covered in cooling balls.

The starfish can be put in the fridge to add an extra cooling effect. Cosi is a symptom supporting tool disguised as a fun and friendly toy. It aims to offer comfort to a suffering child without the use of clinical, cold and disengaging products.

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