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Phloss is an inclusively designed and sustainability-focused flossing alternative that uses a service system to distribute refills and utilise waste, supporting a circular economy.

Removing plaque from between teeth is essential in reducing the chance of gum disease, which can influence health throughout the body. Flossing is the most common method for interproximal cleaning, greatly reducing the risk of gum disease.

Current methods of interdental cleaning have a range of associated problems, including user motivation, waste production and physical accessibility.

Phloss is a refillable flossing aid that maintains tension in the floss by simply twisting its base. The arms give users with reduced dexterity the ability to effortlessly reach all of their teeth and speed up the cleaning process. To manage the waste, a system has been designed using compostable floss refills. These refills are delivered to people using a subscription service, the used floss refills can be sent back to the manufacturer for industrial composting, utilising waste material and following a circular economy.

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