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Why study at Brunel Design School?

Brunel Design School is within easy reach of London, the creative hub of the UK

Brunel Design School brings together the subjects of design and digital media in response to the increasing demand for creative talent in the ever-growing design industry and rapidly expanding digital economy. 

Already one of the top design education providers within the UK university sector, the new design school stands out as unique by approaching design from the perspective of engineering. The university’s strong technological background means that the Brunel Design School will not only produce graduates that are highly creative thinkers and conceptual problem solvers, but who also possess a clear understanding of “how things work”. 

The school, consisting of physical and digital design pathways, will significantly expand design education at Brunel – from traditional industrial and product design aimed at the manufacturing sector, into a range of digital design areas, such as digital product design, digital service design, user experience design, motion graphics and visual effects. 

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