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Dementia is a progressive disease that has devastating effects on the well-being and quality of life of those who are diagnosed. However, the efftects of dementia extend past just living with the condition, as stress and pressure felt by famillies and carers can negatively impact their health and well-being alongside the relationships they hold with their loved ones.

Memo allows families affected by dementia to connect through music and photographs, to share personal memories and enjoy special moments together. Using algorithms such as collaborative filtering, natural language processing and comparing audio models, the system can create a personalised playlist of meaningful music for users with dementia to make use of during their dementia journey. By creating a unique trip down memory lane through this personalised reminiscence tool, Memo can ultimately increase the well-being and overall happiness of sufferers. The service provides users, both with and without dementia, access to a family radio station where they can feel close to loved ones by tuning into their ‘currently playing’, view shared memories sent to one another and connect via video call. Memo uses multiple technologies to ensure that all users can benefit from the service.

The products include: a website for the ordering, set-up, and delivery process; an app for the families to use to upload memories and connect with each other; and a digital radio device, designed in the style of an old radio, made especially for the users with dementia.

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