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A multi-sense-stimulating product that uses the benefits of plants to improve the time we spend indoors whilst working at a desk or workstation.

Humans are becoming ever more disconnected from nature. As populations flock to the cities and inhabit the concrete jungles, whilst working longer hours, this is only expected to worsen.

The average person spends more than 90% of their waking hours indoors. 1/3 of this time is spent working – normally idol – at a desk. This causes people to experience a lack of sunlight, fresh air, movement, sensory stimulation, and nature. As humans have an innate connection to nature, this starvation from the outside world is more dangerous than we realise. It affects our health, performance, and mood.

Plants can be placed inside, but space quickly becomes an issue. This is where Biosphere comes in. A space-efficient, sense stimulating, easy to maintain, and beautifully designed, rotating plant pot, Perfect for every desk, workstation, or home office.