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Redefining High Heels

Reducing the medical issues associated with high heels.

With an increasing number of females choosing trainers over high heels, there is an opening in the market for comfortable high heels. This is due to the growing number of medical issues associated with high heels, such as knee and back problems, blisters, bunions and ripped toenails.

This redefined pair of high heels are tailored to fit the individual’s foot, reducing the pressure which occurs with an ill-fitting shoe. Additionally, the heel is designed with a dampening mechanism which reduces the force dissipated up through the body, decreasing the negative medical effects. These features are all designed to make wearing high heels comfortable for the consumer.

The product comes with an experience of fitting the 3D printed pair of high heels for the individual consumer’s needs. Overall, this creates a personalised and tailored pair of high heels with reduced side effects for the consumer.

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Redefining High Heels Redefining High Heels Redefining High Heels