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Zen is a handheld companion to help guide you through your stress and anxiety.

Stigmatisation of mental illness has always been an issue and continues to be an issue in our world today. It has a huge impact on a person and can control how they perform tasks through their daily life. There are currently more than 8 million people in the UK suffering with mental illness, with those under the age of 35 affected especially. Currently there is no tangible product to help with consumers’ well-being. ZEN is a handheld device that aims to aid users to simply breathe in sync with the soothing pulse, to allow controlled breathing to moderate their heart rate. ZEN is a human centered product, utilising a multi-sensory approach through vibration and light to provide users with the necessary tools to alleviate their stress and anxiety. The ability to self-soothe is an underestimated life skill that everyone should adopt: this device helps to develop this.

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