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Wooden Bicycle Frame Kit

A ‘build-it-yourself’ bicycle frame kit made from wood aimed at users who want to have a hand in the production of their own bicycle frame.

In 2015, more bicycles were sold than new cars registered in the UK (3.5 million vs 3.21 million). The vast majority of bicycles sold in Britain are imported, mainly from the Far East. This project aimed to create a product that could be manufactured in the UK and offer a unique user experience to a customer by including them in the building, assembling and customisation of their own bike frame.

The final design of the bicycle frame kit is a result from a breadth of user research and testing undertaken, along with technical design development and a focus on the production and manufacturing processes. Future aims for the project will be to create a bicycle frame kit out of Maple and work on developing the production process to improve the viability of the product for the UK bicycle market.

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Wooden Bicycle Frame Kit Wooden Bicycle Frame Kit Wooden Bicycle Frame Kit Wooden Bicycle Frame Kit