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A service designed to reduce the negative environmental impacts of the UK music festival industry by educating attendees and allowing users to up-cycle their damaged tents.

Annually the £2.6 billion UK festival industry (Powerful Thinking) creates an astonishing 23,500 tonnes of waste. With 3.17 million people in attendance that is equal to 2.8 Kg per person daily which is over double the national rate (Biffa). AIF estimated a large proportion of that waste is 250,000 abandoned tents. The goal of this project is to introduce a service that educates the masses on the detrimental impact of excessive waste production and manufacturing. The service 'Extent' will allow attendees to donate their damaged tents onsite, by downloading the Extent app users can then track their tent as it is up-cycled into a range of new products. In doing so users will be informed and educated, eventually accelerating the adoption of up-cycling and reducing the social sectors' negative footprint.

Made in Brunel graduate 2020